Welcome to PCC

PCC - Project Contemporary Competitiveness Advanced Studies Program was created in 1968 by area superintendents to provide an affordable place where students could learn outside of their high school. Students learn leadership, social, and academic skills that will last a lifetime at PCC. Over the years many things have changed, but we have stayed true to our original goal, to give students A SUMMER OF A LIFETIME! 

What is PCC?

PCC is a summer camp for students in current grades 7-10. Students can choose to commit to a 4 or 6 week program where they will take classes and explore new friendships! Students arrive on Monday mornings and leave on Fridays. Students can still have their weekends but spend their weeks with students from across Massachusetts, The Netherlands and even China! For an affordable summer camp that includes so much more than just classes and dorms, students will find that at PCC they have A SUMMER OF A LIFETIME! 

So What Can I Expect from my PCC Experience?


Indescribable Experiences

Each day at PCC is a new day to be the best version of yourself! There are daily workshops to explore new topics, Rec events where you can play games or just hang out with your dorm mates and core courses at night that explore all different topics and activities that everyone finds entertaining! 



Students will be placed in a dorm room with 1 to 2 other student(s), from there you live on a hall with students around your age from different towns and sometimes different countries! There are hall parties each week and always activities and fun going on! 


Skills that will Last a LIFETIME!

Students leave our program with a new found confidence they did not have before. Students learn leadership qualities, social and academic skills that will move them to their future goals! All parents and students alike can't say enough how much of a trans-formative program we have. Check it out for yourself and APPLY TODAY! 

Features of PCC


PCC Provides So Much for Students!

There are many reasons that students attend our program at Stonehill College in Easton Ma! We have so much to offer our students! Such as:


Students take two classes of their choice each day. Classes range from TV Pro, Marine Science, Digital Photography and MORE!

Great Food!

Stonehill provides us with restaurant quality meals each day! Students with food allergies are accommodated so everyone can find something they like and enjoy! 

College Experience

Students walk to classes in the morning and live on the campus of Stonehill. While Campus safety is always a priority, students feel independent under our own staff supervision and campus police always around to support us 24/7!

Courses in the Humanities

Each night students attend a "Core Course", these vary each night from a student run Talent Show to African Drummer troupe, Acapella or even a live game show! Each week ends with a themed dance that students can dance at, play games or just hang out with friends! 

Social Activities

The Dances are not the only social events during the week! Students have hall parties that include getting take out food, spa parties and more! You decide what you want to do with your hall! No matter what, they are always FUN! 

Check out what the dorms are like and what our program has to offer during the summer at PCC! 

PCC Dorm Life (pdf)


PCC Brochure (pdf)