PCC - Advanced Studies Program Located at Stonehill College!

Student Life


We Believe in providing and fostering an environment that cultivates individual and collective growth, propels learning, collaboration, co-creation, and supports relationship-building. Our summer program consists of nearly 500 high-ability 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade learners from all over the world and boasts as a place to come to learn and make life-long lasting friends and memories.

Our Teachers


Experts in the field and best friends in the classroom, our teaching staff is one of a kind, made up, from college professors, to field experts. Each teacher is dedicated to providing the best space for learning and development to take place and has a strong passion for working with students and empowering them to develop and hone their unique skill sets.

Where We Are


Located in the North Easton area, Stonehill College's campus captures a perfect setting for a unique style of learning and growing to take place from late June through early August, each year. 320 Washington St. Easton Mass, is more than just a school and often becomes a second-home for the many who enjoy their time here. The perfect place to establish oneself, and build long-lasting memories.

Proctor Staff


Our Staff includes the best of the best! The majority of our staff are college aged people who directly supervise the dorms, they are called proctors. Each student is placed on a proctor's hall with about 10 students at our summer camp! 



Each student takes two classes per day! Time to explore your interests and build skills in an area you want to learn more about! Some classes include ASL, Robotics, Theatre and more! 

Campus Dorms


Students will have access to Stonehill Campus while attending PCC, each student lives in a dorm room with one or two students of the same age and gender. We find that  students love this part of their PCC experience the most! 


If you are a student in grades 7, 8, 9 or 10 interested in participating in a summer of a lifetime, apply here!

Check out this video on what PCC is all about! Hear what our students are saying! 

More About PCC!

Our Mission

We believe in Empowering young minds by creating and cultivating a positive environment that fosters close-knit community and propels individual and collective growth


Stonehill College, 320 Washington Street, North Easton, MA, USA

508-565-5202 - pcc@stonehill.edu

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