PCC Frequently Asked Questions!

We want to answer your questions!

What if my student doesn’t like their class(es)?

At PCC we want all students to be satisfied with their class choices. We do have a small window of time at the beginning of the program where it is similar to a college Add/Drop period. They can see the lead teacher Mr. Tressel or one of the RA’s or even their proctor to change the class. They will have to give a reason. We want to keep the changes to a minimum but if students are unhappy we will work it out! 

How will I contact my child if they don’t have their phone?

You can call the front office of their dorm where we have a phone message board and they can call you back. If it is an emergency, you would call the male or female RA of the building and we can relay the message in a more timely manner. We also have phones at both front desks, they are able to use them if they want to contact you when they are in the building.  

Where do I find out if my student is in-district or out-of-district? What does this mean? 

Check it out on this part of our website: pccasp.org/in-district-students .Students who are in-district are students who attend a school that pays a portion of their tutition. If you are out-of-district you pay that fee. It is $150. 

Where do I pay for my student’s tuition? 

Check it out on this part of our website: https://pccasp.org/payment Payment is based on 4 or 6 week attendance to the program and in-district or out-of-district students. 

What if my child started in the 4 week program and wants to extend? 

Our program was designed as a 6 week program so the goal is to have all students extend if possible! There will  be an online or paper form to extend once the program begins available at the front desks at each building. Last year, over half of the 4 week students extended! 

Can I request my student’s roommate?

We do not take ANY roommate requests. There are a few reasons for this, in all our years we have found that the “honeymoon” phase of living together usually lasts the entirety of the program. If that is not the case, our proctor staff are highly trained to make any situation work! You only spend a little time in your room, mostly just to sleep. Fortunately, in many cases, roommates become friends for a lifetime! 

Can I request an Air conditioner?

We do not take any requests for air conditioners in rooms. We find that if students bring a box fan and their roommate(s) have one, the room is pretty cool! If there is a necessity for one due to a medical need, please contact us below. There are very few exceptions we make to this rule. 

Can I visit my child while they attend the program?

We encourage parents to drop off mail and care packages to their students instead of dropping by to visit. If you feel like you need time together, we always recommend you dismiss them for an hour or two, go to ice cream or lunch and come back! 

Is there a place where I can see my Child’s schedule?

On our website, /pccasp.org/daily-schedule!

Does my child need to bring cash?

Yes, students should bring about $10 each week. Most weeks, students have hall parties that cost about 5 dollars each. Also, the buildings have vending machines if they want to check them out! Sometimes, our rec events are a walk to Starbucks, it is not mandatory to go but it is fun and good exercise! If you have any financial concerns about hall parties, please contact your building RA or the program director! 

How do I dismiss my Student?

If you would like to dismiss your student, you can write a note at the beginning of the week and drop it off at the front desk. If you want to pick them up out of the blue, we ask you to try to pick them up during these times, although you as the parent can pick them up whenever, it is just easier for our staff! 8AM-2PM, 5-6PM. The other times are more challenging due to rec and the whole program at night time activities. If you dismiss your student please bring them back during anytime 8AM-6PM, after that you will need to contact the building RA. We allow most exceptions to these times as long as we know! 

My child plays a sport in the summer, can s/he get dismissed to play or go to practice? 

We want your child to be at PCC but we completely understand they have other commitments! Just follow our above dismissal policies and times! And GO TEAM! 

What time can I dismiss my child and bring them back to the program? 

See above! 

What if my child is homesick?

This can happen especially if this is the first time away from home. First and foremost, PLEASE contact your building’s RA if your child is homesick, do not work in isolation. A lot of students feel some sort of homesickness and it is completely normal. We have so many ways of helping your student acclimate to the program successfully if we work as a team! We want to make sure students feel comfortable and we will do whatever we can to make a plan that is right for the entire family! We help so many students with this hurdle, once the program clicks with them they have a great time and can sometimes even help students in future years! Here is a great link that is helpful, it is for summer camps and it is transferable advice: www.acacamps.org/press-room/how-to-choose-camp/homesickness

What if my child has a conflict at the program I am concerned about or your child mentioned something concerning another student?

We have a very well trained and dedicated staff to help with whatever the conflict is, contact your building RA and we can work as a team to resolve it! We want all our students to be happy and healthy at the program and we can be pretty great problem solvers at PCC! We love helping our students! 

What if a student gets sick at the program? 

We have a 24 hour nurse that they can access at all times. The nurse will call home if they are concerned and sometimes they will need to be dismissed to recover at home or to see a doctor. It happens, we will treat each student like our own and make sure they are ok! 

What if my child forgets something at home?

If it is a toothbrush or something small, let our RAs’ know and we can probably help! If it is anything else, feel free to drop it off as a package at the front desk of their building, our desk is operated from 7AM-9PM! 

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Ask below! We want to be as transparent and open as possible as we know you are sending your children to attend our amazing program. We want each and every student treated with dignity, respect and care! 


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