PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

PCC Info Night! March 21st @ 7pm in the New Academic Welcome Center on Stonehill’s amazing campus!


Do you want the SUMMER OF A LIFETIME? Are you a student in 7th through 10th grade? Are you interested in trying out new talents and learning new skills? Do you want to meet friends from all over Massachusetts, China and the Netherlands? Have you ever wanted to attend summer camp but afraid that it will cost too much? Then PCC is the place for you! Come join us in learning about the most affordable 6 week overnight summer camp in the area! And this year we have added a 4 week option for new students! This will allow students to make the commitment if they are unsure about 6 weeks!
Are you so excited for PCC that you can not wait to explore the campus and see a glimpse of what the summer will look like? Well then you have to attend the PCC info night and learn all about the “A Summer of a Lifetime”! We will talk PCC and you will get to know more about where you will be living this summer! How are roommates picked? What is the food like? How do you wake up on time for classes? What are the dance themes? We will try to answer all your questions! You’ll leave feeling good and knowing more about the best summer program you could possibly sign up for! We are just as excited as you and we want to share all we can to make you comfortable and feel at home! #pccinfonight – Any questions, email pccasp1968@gmail.com
At PCC we offer so many opportunities! Don’t waste your time on your phone or on your couch this summer, do something that will change your life! Students attend Monday through Friday, take 2 classes of their choice, live in a college dorm, learn leadership skills and have the freedom (with supervision) to access a college campus. This is just the beginning of what we have to offer at Project Contemporary Competitiveness at Stonehill College!
At this event, we will be going over:
1. Campus Safety
2. Class Courses
3. Rec time
4. Dances
5. Activities
6. Food services
7. Dorm life
8. Nightly Core Courses AND MORE!
You will hear a brief presentation from our administration, the program directors and resident administrators. You will then watch an awesome but short video! You can access all the paper work (such as application, medical forms, etc.), ask questions and really learn about our special program! We want to give you everything you need to know in order to send your kids to this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity! You don’t want to miss it!
If you have any questions and you cannot wait to ask, feel free to email Kayla Howell and Jaimee Martin, our program directors. THEY LOVE TALKING PCC and will help you out! Email at pccasp1968@gmail.com
Feel like there may be something holding you back from sending your student? Come talk to us at this event or email us! We try to make any situation work!
This event will be held in the BRAND NEW Student Welcome Building on the Quad. Parking is behind the building but if that is full, Lot 11 or 17 can be accessed. This event will be in the auditorium. We will have a staff member greeting people at the door so don’t worry we will show you where to go!
We would love you to RSVP to the attend so we can get an idea of how many people to expect! Here is the link to the event on facebook, while you are there, be sure to like our page!

Facebook Event: Event Link

PCC 2019! Here we come! 🙂



At PCC we believe in fun, transformation, extended learning, and creating an environment that provides all the essentials you need to have an amazing time, find out more about what makes you “tick” and connect you with other awesome adolescents that will lift you to your highest potential.
Early to bed early to rise 😉 Or so they say! Up and at it, and herding into the cafeteria by around 7:30 am. We connect for a filling breakfast before starting our first class at 8:30. Class wraps up by 10:10 where we have a short break before our second class of the day at 10:30. Lunch follows suit, and leaves us with some afternoon rec time to chill out, snag some sun, and hang on the quad, and just kick back with friends before getting ready for dinner and preparing for whatever special activities our night entails 🙂
We believe in two things. Fun & Learning. Here, we combine the best of the two with exciting activities, academic classes, and other amazing young individuals looking to have a great time, create new best friends and make an unforgettable summer last forever.

Contact Info

Mr. Thomas Lynch: tlynch@pccasp.org

320 Washington Street Easton, MA 02357



Our Mission
We believe in Empowering young minds by creating and cultivating a positive environment that fosters close-knit community and propels individual and collective growth
2019 Applications Opened!
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