PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Kim Shepard-Ledoux Westport MA 1987 Newspaper reporter/Photographer
Chris Silva Lakeland FL 1987, 1988 ELL Resource Teacher
Jason Tibbetts 1987, 1988
Suzanne Torrey-Smith Taunton MA Excited that my daughter is going this year (summer 2012) 1987 Special Education Teacher
Julie Amaral West Bridgewater MA Great memories of my summer at PCC! I now work as the PCC nurse and my daughter is a second generation PCC'er! 1986 RN
Laura Counter-Lawson 1986, 1987 Teacher
Craig Coldwell Bedford MA While both student and staff (1991-2, 94), PCC helped me learn to accept myself and to embrace youthful energy and goodwill. 1986, 1987 VA Psychiatrist
Jennifer Darling-Durant East Freetown MA Was absolutely a high point in my education and major stepping stone in my life. 1986 General Manager
Amy Driscoll Kingston MA 1986
Kristie Firmin Natick MA 1986 Sales Consultant
Traci Furtado Taunton MA I loved PCC so much that I have been a teacher there for the past 6 years. Still loving it! 1986 Special Education Teacher
Chris Goodfellow MA 1986 Director of Information Technology
Kimberly Gentes-Parmenter Taunton MA I attended PCC in 1986 and 1987. They were the best summers ever. The first time was very difficult but it helped me come out of my shell. I made some great friends and it was a great experience! 1986, 1987 Front Office Coordinator
Kathy Hotz-Lynn Middleboro MA Still keep in touch with some of my best friends from PCC. Would love to hear from fellow proctors, too! 1986, Proctor 1993 Speech/language pathologist
Jennifer Karcz-Dunlop This is fantastic! Hope to get in touch with other folks from 86 and 87, especially if you took Modern Theatre. Also would love to track down Stephanie Meagher and Meg Gallagher as I haven't talked to either one since the 90s! 1986, 1987 Pre-School Worker
Brian Long Cambridge MA 1986, 1987 Manager
Long-Fitzpatrick Newberg OR PCC took me out of my shell. So many fond memories of friends and the program. Happy to see the program is still running. 1986, 1987 911 Dispatcher
Derek Mason Taunton MA PCC was a wonderful experience and the place where I met the my wife. I still think of it as one of the best experiences of my life. I would not be who I am today had I not attended PCC 22 years ago. Man has it been that long? 1986 Technical Directior, Visual Design Associates
John Murray South Yarmouth MA I attended PCC in the summers of '86 and '87. I also worked there as a proctor from 1991 to 1993. Those were some of the most enjoyable summers of my life. 1986, 1987 Catholic Priest
Lauren O'Donnell Weymouth MA 1986 Manager
Craig Pinto Savannah GA Excellent social and educational experience which created lasting memories and relationships 1986 Electrical Engineer - Control Systems Consultant
Cynthia Robbins Charlotte NC PCC was amazing and really helped me become the person I am today. I loved being a "camper" and a proctor. 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992 Media relations supervisor/spokesperson
Greg Thomas Middleboro MA 1986, 1987 Special Education Teacher
Matt Sweeney Whitman MA 1986 Purchasing Manager
William Tuttle Jamestown RI The memories and lessons stay strong after all this time... 1986, 1987
David Whynot Newport News VA PCC was the best way I have ever spent a summer. I'm so glad it is still going strong. Anyone there in 86/87, look me up on facebook. 1986, 1987
Ann-Marie Adamo-Kiolbasa East Bridgewater MA Lasting memories for a lifetime. Learning to depend on yourself and make new friends no matter where you are. Those are life skills for the real world. Wish I was 14 again, so I could go back! 1985 MA DOC
Patty Bazinet-Mason Fairdealing MO I met one of my very best friends through PCC. And remain very close to this very day. 1985, 1986
Adam Crane Eagan MN Like everyone else, loved PCC. 1985, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Manager, Technology
David Dunphy Rockland MA What a great time we had in 1985. Wish I had the chance to do it over again. Am hoping my nieces and nephews will be able to go and enjoy as much as I did. I still remember the old slogan from the yearbook. Come Alive in 85. 1985 Mortgage Closings
Maria Ferro-DeLellis Bridgewater MA My 2 summers at PCC were the best in my memory. I feel fortunate to have had the experience twice! Glad it is still going strong after all these years. 1985, 1986 Business Owner
Linda Forbes-Vogler PCC experience was fabulous! Now, my niece is enjoying it! 1985, 1986 Event manager
Andrew Griffith Wareham MA I have great memories from the summer of 1985. I hope to be sending my daughter to PCC in the near future! 1985 Chemist/Photographer
Christopher Hebert Whitman MA 1985, 1986
Nancy Hennebury-Smith MA PCC was two of the best summers of my life. It was my opportunity to come out of my shell and begin to shape who I would become. The friendships I made lasted for many years and are some of the best memories I have of the high school years. My oldest d 1985, 1986 Religious Education Director
Diane Martin Guilfoy Chamblee GA One of the best summers. Had so much fun and made some good friends. 1985 Billing Analyst
Scott Schluter East Wareham MA 1985, 1986
Dawn Silvia-Oates Boston MA We all had crushes on Proctor Harrison Rabel... and Jon Bon Jovi. I remember waking up at the wee hours to watch Lady Diana marry Prince Charles. Assassin was the best game ever, and the "Blind Workshop" was a unique experience but not s 1985, 1986 Communications Manager
Kathleen Stafford Fall River MA This was the best summer I ever remember having. I met people that would become life-long friends! 1985
Susan Swartz New York NY Great time in my life! I still have yearbooks. Would love to reconnect with old friends and Proctors (Mr. Rabel are you out there!?) 1985, 1986 Casting
Priscilla Clark-Meunier Lakeville MA 1984
Heather Benson-Brown 1984
Christopher Coelho 1984
Edward Corcoran Camp Hill PA 1984, 1985 Systems Administrator/Databse Administrator
Rachael Garney-Cossingham 1984, 1985 USAF Education Advisor/Test Administrator
Beth Hoye Taunton MA PCC was a huge part of my life. After spending 2 years as a student, I went on to be a proctor from 1989 through 1996 - 10 summers of my life - every one of them was great! 1984, 1985 QI Supervisor in a Reference Laboratory
Jason Meunier MA 1984, 1985
Erin O'Neill-Gogolin Marietta GA It was a great way to spend a summer, learn and meet new friends. Glad to see it is still there! 1984, 1985
Eric Pearson Taunton MA Without a doubt best 2 summers of my life. Learned more than book smarts, it prepared me for the rest of my life. 1984, 1985 Financial Controller
Robert Russo Taunton MA Two of the most rewarding, fun summers one could experience. 1984, 1985 Special Education High School
Keeley Rubeski-Lombardi Waltham MA I attended in 84 & 85 - as a proctor in 89,90, 93 & 94. I think PCC's wonderful because it takes place at an important crossroad for kids - where you're moving from basically a child into a young adult. You're so unsure of 1984, 1985 Stay@Home Mom/Teacher
Patrick Sullivan I have very fond memories of my two summers at PCC, even 25 years later. Ended up as a BSC grad in 1992 as well. 1984, 1985
Stephen Thomas Middleboro MA I really enjoyed my time at PCC. 1984, 1985 Service Technician
Lisa Tremblay-Hooper Raynham MA My daughter now attends and it's nice to know PCC has stayed the same. 1984 Asst. Controller
Jamie Tunewicz Doulette Bridgewater MA I thoroughly enjoyed attending PCC. I have such fond memories. 1984 secretary/substitute teacher
Micaila Britto Mansfield MA It was one of the best experiences I have had. Am STILL friends with other student I went to PCC with! 1983, 1984 Photography
Kristie Downey-Sanders Taunton MA 1983 Teacher
Kathy Flaherty Bridgewater MA Had a Blast! 1983 IT
David Fazio W. Bridgewater MA It has been 25 years since I attended PCC. I still remember how nervous I was meeting new kids from other towns and sharing a dorm room with a total stranger. The weekly Core Courses and the dances were excellent. My first class was "Comput 1983, 1984 IRS Enrolled Agent
Carol Flanagan-Abreu 1983
Michelle Haggerty-Doucette Hanson MA 1983 Nurse
Ann Howell QC http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=2215311070 1983, 1984
Michael Kingman East Bridgewater MA 1983
Sarah Manning-Norton Winchester MA Best summers of my youth, hope to recreate the experience for my own children! 1983, 1984 Consultant - Self employed
Leon Morin Berkley MA 1983, 1984 Sales
Amy Nordahl-Cote North Hatfield MA One of the best summers of my life. 1983 Homeschooling Mom
Maureen O'Donnell-Johnson Raynham MA Loved it. 1983 Bridgewater State University - Student Affairs
Kathleen (Kathi) O'Neill-Whitmore Lebanon NH 1983, 1984 Training consultant/instructional designer
Mary Pickering-Estrella Berkley MA Most memorable summers of my youth. Little did I know I had met my future husband on the first day of the '83 session - and now our oldest child is attending PCC this summer! I hope to send each of our kids when it's their time. 1983, 1984
Ron Pigeon Fall River MA Two extremely fun summers that I have always remembered for the friendships I made, the experiences I had and the memories I made. Check out the PCC Alumni (Global) group on Facebook. Would love to hear from some 83-84 classmates. 1983, 1984 USCG
Nancy Reale-Brooks Bridgewater MA I had a great time at PCC in 1983 and am hoping my daughter attends this summer! 1983 RN
Barry Sanders Met my wife at PCC. 1983, 1984 Social Worker
Laura Spangler Taunton MA Loved my time there - miss the foot bridge, and I'm looking for Jim Raliegh. He was a proctor in 83. 1983
Richard White Cambridge MA Looking to connect with the "kids" I ran with way back before fire was invented. 1983, 1984
Jon Cassie Simi Valley CA PCC meant everything to me. I met some of the most important people in my life there and had some of the best experiences ever there. It made me the educator and person I am today, I think. 1982, 1983 Assistant Head of Milken Community High School
Maureen Corcoran-Barr York ME Fond memories of a wonderful summer. Was just looking through my yearbook of that year! 1982 6th grade Special Education Teacher
Wendy Friedman-Cardoza MA 1982, 1983 physical therapist
John Evans Whitman MA 1982 Masnger of Implentation & Support, rCash/Yardi Systems, Inc
Kim Gavigan-Chadwick Bridgewater MA One of the best times of my life, created memories I have today 1982, 1983
Heidi Goodfellow-Martin MA Some of my fondest memories as a teenager are from here. I share many of them with current students! 1982, 1983 Teacher/Professor
Larissa Hansen-Hallgren MA Getting ready to bring my son to PCC tomorrow.. I loved my time there, it was a great experience was lots of terrific memories! I am so pleased to have my own son go too! 1982 COO/Museum Exhibit Designer
Tara McArthur-Fitzgerald Methuen MA 1982, 1983 Investment Manager
Jeannie M. Merritt East Falmouth MA PCC was one of the best times of my life, I had some much fun and learned so much. I still have many friends from my PCC days. 1982, 1983 RA at Recovery House in Falmouth, Full time single Mom
Julie Saunders-Campbell Mansfield MA 1982 Staff 88, 89 Talent Management
Michael Sellstone Bridgewater MA In a nutshell...two of the best summers of my life and I still keep in touch with friends from my PCC days! 1982, 1983 Imaging Specialist
Christine Carnes Quirk Whitman MA Best summer of my life and now my son is attending!!! 1982 Administrative Assistant
Kathryn Woodard 1982, 1983
Katherine Tawee Bassett-Cunningham MA I still treasure the experiences -as well as the friends I made - at PCC. From the various dances held (punk anyone?) to the Music and Movement show @ the end of the year. Fun times!! 1981, 1982
Bonnie Byrne-Corrigan Whitman MA Once I attended PCC I knew I would make it to college. The experience was invaluable and I am so happy my daughter is now looking forward to a similar experience. 1981 Registered Nurse
Elizabeth Cummings-Michaud East Bridgewater MA Best experience of my life 1981, 1982 Assistant Operations Manager
Patricia Davenport-Mello 1981 R.N./Nurse Manager
Joseph Fernandes Brandon FL 1981 Reciever
Cheryl Flynn MA PCC was an experience like no other. So many good friends made... 1981, 1982; Proctor 85, 86, 87, 88 Psychologist
Ellen Gately-Nardullo Wareham MA Best summer of my childhood!! 1981 Corporate Travel Agent
Michelle Laffoley-Sullivan Milford MA Some of the best summers of my life! Both as a student and as a proctor. 1981,1982 Proctored 1990, 1991 Logistician
Theresa LeClaire-Lewis North Attleborough MA 1981, Proctor 1985 Speech Language Pathologist
Mary MacLeod Quincy MA 1981, 1982 Vice President-Global Training Manager
Drew McDermott Saint Louis MO Very powerful experience that stuck with me for years. 1981, 1982 Regional Architect - Microsoft
Lisa Michael-Bennett West Orange NJ Two of the best summers of my life! 1981, 1982 Makeup Artist
Deborah Nichols-Walgreen Middleboro MA I remember having a great time both years at PCC. It is a great experience for any student that age. Will never forget it. 1981, 1982 Library Media Specialist

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