PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Jill Morse Abington MA Adam Morse and I are getting married!!!! We met at PCC when we were 14 years old! Well we did it! April 10th, 2009 Adam Morse and I tied the knot! Thank you PCC for bringing my husband and I together all those years ago! We will never forge 1993, 1994 High School Math Teacher
Jill Perfetuo-Morse Abington MA I can not say enough about PCC. Those two summers were the best summers of my life! I met the most unbelievable people there and also my future husband Adam Morse!! (April 10, 2009) The program is so rewarding in so many ways and I encourage a 1993, 1994 Teacher at Frolio Middle School
Melissa Straz Boston MA Made me who I am today 1993, 1994 Higher Education
Diane Smith-Rose Dighton MA PCC was the absolute best 2 years of my life! If I was to go back in time I wouldn't have changed a thing. I met so many good friends there and still talk to them 10 years later. I loved PCC and still do. And if my kids get the chance to g 1993, 1994 Radio Station
Danielle Sweeney-Krause VA 1993, 1994; Proctor 2000
Christiana Thorne-Mather Whitman MA 1993, 1994 Medical Technologist and Veterinary Technician
Julie Beals Somerset MA 1992 Flight Attendant
Marcie Walsh-O'Connor Jamaica Plain MA 1993, 1994 Librarian
Susan Beattie-O'Hea 1992 – 1994
Melissa Brennan Cheektowaga NY 1992, 1993 Legal Assistant
Jessica D'Agostino-Gove Bridgewater MA 1992 Scientist
Ruston Eastman Marion MA 1992, 1993
Jennifer Gill-Martin Berkley MA 1992, 1993 School Bus Driver
Michelle Hammond-Stowell East Bridgewater MA I made so many friends, had such a great time-M&M, sculpting, Act 1, Scene 1. Such awesome memories! 1992, 1993 Medical Assistant
Jennifer Hoyt-Hyne Abington MA 1992 Grant Writer/Administrator
Tim Kane Plymouth MA Best summer of my childhood! Had a blast with some great people & learned to appreciate those who were important in my life. Left PCC as a more mature & focused young man who thought about his future. 1992 Police Sergeant
Jennifer Levesque-Tomasetti Cranston RI 1992 Graphic designer
Cate Marcille-LePage Somerset MA I can seriously say that PCC changed my life. It took me from a shy, insecure kid to a confident, outgoing person. I will always be grateful. 1992, 1993 Occupational Therapist
Denise Madeira Assonet MA 1992, 1993
Kevin Norcott Waltham MA 1992, 1993 Mechanical Engineer
Michael Pollino East Bridgewater MA I have so many amazing memories from my two summers as a student. And I was lucky enough to create even more memories during two summers as a proctor in 97 and 98. I think about it every year when June comes around. Someday I hope to be able to 1992, 1993 Student
Melissa Walker 1992 Full-Time Mother
Adam Carbone Middleboro MA PCC was a great experience all those years ago. I still run into people I know from there, all over the country. 1991, 1992 Software Engineer
Monique Despres-Hodziewich Surprise AZ 1991, 1992 Math Interventionist
Richard Eagles Leesburg VA I went by Rick, or Ricky, or Dickie... but most people called me psycho. I remember and am still friends with those from PCC I met in '91, those who touched me. Some days, I still hear from old PCCers and they always get top of mind. It was 1991 Management Consultant
Kristina Johnson West Roxbury MA 1991, 1992 Urban Planner
John Gilbert Attleboro MA I met a lot of great people at PCC and made quite a few friends. It would be good to get back in touch with them. 1991, 1992 Graphic Designer, Commercial Printing
Julie Keane Washington DC 1991, 1992 Media Director
Craig Kowalski Boston MA 1991, 1992 Assistant District Attorney
Jamey Reid-Reddicks Bridgewater MA 1991 Systems Analyst/Project Manager
Sean Santry 1991, 1992
Brian Sexton Taunton MA 1991, 1992 Retail/Sales
Darcee Soule MA Best Summers of my childhood! PCC really changed my path in life. It was the most fun I had as an adolescent. I still have my archeology and Act 1 Scene 1 T-Shirts! It puts a smile on my face everytime I discover them in storage! 1991, 1992
April Wood Waynesville MO 1991, 1992 Independent Contractor/Student/Mother
Sarah Arpin Attleboro MA 1990, 1991 Manager
Ryan Abraham West Townsend MA Best Summers Ever!! 1990, 1991 Electrical Engineer
Christopher Baylor CA Mr. Reposa's hall. Good times. 1990 Academia
Erin Ayers Dedham MA Attended 1990 -1991 and returned as a proctor from 1996-2000. I'm so glad PCC continues to bring great summers and long-lasting friendships to everyone involved! 1990, 1991 Journalist
Kerry Brackett Dorchester MA I loved PCC so much they were the best summers of my life. I'm so glad the tradition continues . 1990, 1991 Natural Gas Emergency Tech/Keyspan Energy
Karli Connors-Dokurno East Bridgewater MA One of the best experiences of my life! PCC has without a doubt shaped the person I am today. I hope that the program will still be available for my girls. 1990, 1991 Director of Human Resources
Jonathan Cronk Cincinnati OH 1990, 1991 IT Project Manager
David Cushing the best thing I ever did not want to do in my youth :) 1990, 1991
Jesse Dubuc MA Best spent summers of my life, most likely why I wound up attending BSC for my undergrad and graduate programs! And, I was always careful not to walk on the grass, or even "potential grass"! 1990 Neurobehavioral Specialist
Kim Hebert-Simone Randolph MA Loved being both a student and a proctor, I still think about all the wonderful times. Thank you! 1990-1991; Proctor 1995-1998 Wine Consultant
James G Harper Edgartown MA 1990, 1991
Rick Houle 1990, 1991
Sarah Norway LeBlanc Seymour CT 1990
Erin O'Brien-Foster Taunton MA 1990, 1991 RN
John Peters Boynton Beach FL Mud sliding. Great dances. No PDA! Townies, oh no! Chapter Two: Neil Simon. Most generic named roommate ever. 1990, 1991 Consultant / Architect
Rachel Revell-Fournier Cherry Hill NJ Proctor in 1996. Married fellow proctor Keith Fournier in 2001 We now live outside Philadelphia and have two children, Natalie and Grant. 1990, 1991 Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Heather Roscoe Somerville MA Heard about this in Facebook 1990, 1991 Higher Education Research
Tara Scarlett 1990, 1991 Preschool teacher, curriculum developer, wife and mother
Michael Sharland Las Vegas NV I had so much fun. Met a lot of wonderful friends and interesting people. Hoping to reconnect with people from 1990/1991. 1990, 1991 Ophthalmic tech
Eric Small Salem MA 1990 European Agent
Robin Steidinger-Tutt Broomfield CO 1990, 1991 Research Assistant
Timothey Sullivan Bridgewater MA 1990
Andrea Svagdys-Gumbrell Worchester MA PCC was the best experience of my life not only as a student but as a proctor too. The life lessons I learned have made me a better person and successful in all that I do. 90,91, Proctor 95, 96,97,98 Director of Revenue Managment
Lisa Walski-Jack Taunton MA Wonderful experience and memories 1990, 1991
Justin Tibbetts Boston MA 1989, 1990
Tim Wilson Waltham MA Some of the best memories from my teenage years! What a great experience. Still think about the classes, friends, and activities from those long-ago summer days. 1990, 1991 Higher education fundraising
Wendy Wood-Callahan PCC was radtastic. 1990 Author
Corinna Costa-Martell Taunton MA 1989 GSEM Registrar
Jessica Therese Curtis Brockton MA 1989, 1990 English teacher
Dorothy Dacey-Lannan Cumberland RI 1989, 1990 College Registrar
Sarah Gedraitis-Besegai Winchester MA 1989, 1990 Program Manager, Lesley University
Pamela Lescault Waterbury Vermont 1989, 1990 Graduate Student
Kurt Long CA 1989 Actor
Michelle Macedo-Oehmen Somerset MA Best summers of my life. Went from being shy to enjoying life. 1989, 1990 Health Teacher
Kelley Moore-Baran Raynham MA PCC is such a huge part of who I am today. Can't wait to share M&M again with the next generation! :) 1989, 1990 Financial Aid Administrator/Director and Choreographer
Nicole M Rakoski-Calvin Onset MA I had such a fabulous time at PCC! In fact, even after 23 years, I am still friends with my roommate! What an intellectually and socially amazing experience! 1989 Mom
Sarah Beardsley-Lougee Portland ME I heart PCC! 1988 Mom
Shelly Bouchard-Cunningham Listed in Facebook as Shelly Cunningham 1988, 1989
Nicole Boucher-Afanasiw Brant Rock MA Loved it as a student; loved it as a proctor, Master Teacher and Program Director ... an amazing experience, an incredible program! 1988, 1989; worked 1993-2001 Mom
Michael Carriere West Bridgewater MA PCC was one of the best experiences of my life and to this day, I still have several great close friends from those two summers! 1988, 1989 General Sales Manager
Julie Chalmers Whitman MA One of the best experiences of my life...still think of PCC whenever I hear Let It Be...now I have kids wanting to go. 1988 Inside Sales Rep
Jen Cleary Framingham MA Most memorable experience from my life. Even now, I think about what is happening at PCC every summer. My best friends in my life are from my years as a student and proctor. Changed my life. 1988, 1989: Proctor 94-97; Master Teacher 02-05 Professor
Matthew DePonte Escondido CA 1988, 1989 U.S. Border Patrol Agent
Chad Foster 1988
Chantale doCanto-Kyle East Wareham MA 1988, 1989
Patricia Freeman-Cassady Middleboro MA This experience definitely solidified my decision to attend college later on. Two of the best summer's of my life. 1988, 1989 Conservation Agent/Wetlands & Land Management
Carol Hanscom 1988, 1989 IT Consultant
Gail Hause Atwood FL The best experience ever. 1988 Referral Coordinator/HIM Tech
Ann Hoye-Cook Uxbridge MA 1988, 1989 Mom
James Lima Marion MA Fond Memories 1988 Chemist
Kristen Matteson Pawtucket RI PCC, as a student but especially as a proctor was an unbelievable experience for me. It uniquely empowered me to figure out who I really was and I would not be who I am today without it. 1988, 1989, 1993-1998 Ob-Gyn faculty, researcher
Rebecca Murphy Attleboro MA 1988, 1989 International education credential evaluator/consultant
Jessica Moniz-Illingsworth Acushnet MA 1988, 1989 NIBRS Administrator
Elizabeth Paine-Spillane IL 1988, 1989
Kendra Brown Freeport ME I have such great memories of that summer. Why don't they have PCC for adults? 1987 RN
Adam Coldwell Easton MA 1987, 2002 Marketing Director
Lori Cahoon-Schraut Whitman MA One of the best experiences of my life. I hope that my son is able to experience it one day. 1987 Music Teacher
Josephine Fitzgerald-Foley Rockland MA One of the best summers of my life. I will never forget it. 1987 Accountant
Amy Forristall-Holden 87, 88 91,92,93
Philip Groom Abington MA Good times, good times. 1987 IT Director
Tracy Harpin-Carifa Mansfield MA 1987, 1988
John P. Joyce Taunton MA PCC was the best summer of my life! I still have many fond memories. It's great to still see PCC going strong! 1987 Taunton Police Lieutenant
Bridget Kenealy Whitman MA I look back on the two summers I spent at PCC with such fondness ...what an amazing opportunity. 1987, 1988 Mom
Andy Piver East Hampton MA 1987 - That was a great summer... 1987
Nicole Purcell Somerset MA Two of the best summers of my life. I learned so much about myself. Amazing! 1987, 1988 Development Professional
Melanie Rodrigue Raynham MA So wonderful to see PCC is still around. It was a wonderful experience! 1987, 1988

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