PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Matt Mitchell Mashpee MA PCC was probably the best summer of my life...I will always remember that dirt is potential grass just waiting to grow, that you should always love cheese and macaroni, and you have to get to the dining hall early if you want a chocolate munchkin ;- 1998 Librarian, Office Manager
Erin Money Dauphin Island AL 1998, 1999 Marine Science Graduate Student
Elise Nesson Whitman MA 1998, 1999 Professional pet sitter/dog walker
Evan O'Meara Newton MA 1998, 1999 Recruiter
Erin Ross-Towne Whitman MA Some of the friends I met there I am happy to say are still close to me today. 1998, 1999 Homemaker
Tim Westfield Dorchester MA 1998, 1999 Teacher
Omar Zeid Allston MA It's never a bad thing to meet people from different places, even if it's just one or two towns away. 1998, 1999 Ph.D Student: Cognitive and Neural Systems at BU
Rachel Anderson-Hughes Boston MA 1997 Advertising
Patricia Bourgeault Falmouth MA 1997, 1998 Teacher
Michael Carey New York NY 1997 Media
Colin Brown Mountain View CA PCC was a great experience to get away from regular grade school and meet new people from various areas around Massachusetts. I came away, just from the first year, with 10 new friends, 5 that I kept in touch with and 1 that I live in the same area 1997, 1998 Character Animator
Jeff Bowen Champaign IL 1997, 1998 Magazine Advertising Sales
Ariane Carbone-Himmel 1997, 1998 Graphic Designer
Brad (Chewie) Chapman Astoria NY PCC is still- in my opinion- one of the best experiences of my life. It totally changes you all for the best, and you learn things- like dirt isn't dirt, its just potential grass. The reality is, we're all potential grass. You never kn 1997, 1998 actor
Allison Ciullo Braintree MA 1997,1998
Bryan Colburn Rockland MA 1997, 1998 Plumber
Heather Clough Whitman MA I met some of my best friends there, and became a more outgoing person. I treasure those memories to this day! 1997, 1998 Sales
Sharon Desjarlais Springfield MA While I was at PCC for only one year as a proctor, I truly enjoyed it. I was impressed by the students and wished I had been able to experience myself when I was in high school. It's a great program! 1997 Proctor Teacher
Andrea Dodge-Loomis Bridgewater MA The two best summers of my teenage years. By far the best experience. If I had the opportunity to attend again I would! 1997, 1998 Hair colorist/Designer at Charles David Salon and Spa
Sean Faherty Quincy MA 1997 Mass Legislature
Lezlie Glass-Garcia Tampa Florida 1997, 1998
Robert Mastria Bridgewater MA PCC was great. It is funny after all these years how many people I still see from PCC and we always have a good laugh talking about those two fun summers. 1997, 1998 Renewable Energy Development/Mechanical Engineer
Rick Kwan New York NY Outside of PCC, I don't know anyone who would want to go back to being 14 or 15 years old... but what an incredible time! 1997, 1998 Audio Engineer
Michael McLaughlin Syracuse NY PCC was a life changing experience for me. It allowed me to meet great people who were passionate, bright, and charismatic about themselves and what they wanted to do with their life. It was simply impossible to not be optimistic about anything in gene 1997, 1998 Graduate Student in Early Childhood Special Education
Julianne O'Connor Carver MA 1997 Mentor
Steve O'Donnell Stoughton MA PCC was an unbelievable experience for me. I met some really great people, although lost touch with most. I think the most important thing I learned at PCC was self respect and self appreciation. 1997, 1998 Database Analyst
Jessica Reedy Marlborough MA A defining experience in my life. I wouldn't be who I am today if it hadn't been for my time at PCC. 1997, 1998 2003, 2004 Mental Health Counselor
Rebeckah Sergi Quincy MA 1997, 1998
Emily Treano Taunton MA 1997, 1998
David Ware Methuen MA 1997, 1998 Electrical Engineer
Sarah Will Attleboro MA Best summers of my childhood. 1997, 1998 Stay at home mom ( was a teacher)
Kristina Beals South Boston MA 1996, 1997 Vendor Relations Coordinator
Ally Battistini Fort Lauderdale Florida Miss you all! Great two summers! :) 1996, 1997 Marketing
Sara Bissonnette-Cooney 1996, 1997 Software Engineer
Taryn Brady MA 1996, Desk Proctor 2000, 2001 School Counselor
Will Brierly Somerville MA This was a wonderful experience, I met amazing people, and I learned a whole lot. In many ways it had a massive influence on where I am and what I'm doing today! 1996 Entertainment Industry
Nick Castellina South Boston MA 1996, 1997 Marketing
Allison Counter-Bethoney Bridgewater MA PCC was great! I met some fantastic people at PCC. I have a lot of respect for Bridgewater State as well. When asked why I didn't want to go to BSC for college, I simply stated, "I already went there~" Also, I didn't want to 1996, 1997 Medical Admin
Seth Cook Alexandria VA Still hold onto those memories dearly. Two of the greatest summers in my life! 1996, 1997 Professional musician
Toni Donati-Butland Halifax MA PCC is where I learned my love of American Sign Language and Deaf culture! I am now a practicing interpreter and am so thankful for my experience at PCC! 1996 Sign Language Interpreter/Mental Health Counselor
Elisabeth (Betsy) Foley Limestone ME PCC gave me many fond memories and taught me a lot about independence and friendship! I am so grateful for the friends, roommates, and teachers I had there. Ten years later I still find reasons to mention PCC and smile. It is an experience that 1996, 1997 Veterinarian
Jason Fossella Ruston LA 1996, 1997 Grad Student
Patricia Grealish-Rust Dighton MA 1996, 1997 Youth Services Director
Emily Hartford New York NY 1996, 1997 (Front Desk 1999, Proctor 2000-2002) Actor
David George Johnson San Francisco CA One of the best summer experiences EVER! 1996
Amanda McGibbon-Tortora PCC was such an incredible experience. It was a great place to discover more about yourself. The two summers I spent there taught me things I still carry with me to this day. Many little lessons which at the time seemed like nothing, but were se 1996, 1997 Administrative Assistant
Tracey Peirce Middleboro MA I thoroughly enjoyed the summer I spent at PCC. One of the girls I met that summer ended up in a class of mine while I attended BU for my Masters. We spent that semester reliving our summer at PCC. 1996 Public Safety Officer
Kate Rose Fall River MA 1996 Academic Support
Kelly Walker-Buckingham MA Two of the greatest summers of my life. I took Marine Biology and A&P in 1996. In 1997 I was in Theater and Advanced reading. PCC will always hold a special place in my heart. 1996, 1997
Shannon Andrade Somerville MA 1995, 1996 Account Exec
Dee Billings-Church Manchester NH PCC is an experience that has carried itself throughout my life. In my office hangs a black and white photo of summer '95- one of the greatest of my life. I learned life lessons, made great friends, and made strides into figuring out who I 1995, 1996 Support Operations Coordinator
Sarah Brooks-Gill Chelmsford MA I feel so fortunate that I have been able to be a part of PCC. It was the most amazing experience of my high school years. It is now the most rewarding experience of my professional career. It has truly shaped the person that I am today. 1995, 1996; Staff - 1999, 2000, 2002-2006, 2008, 2009 Educational Coordinator/Consultant
Alex Carbone Northbridge MA An unforgettable experience 1995, 1996 Mechanical Engineer
Karen Ciullo Waukesha WI 1995, 1996, 2000-2003 (proctor, FL, RA) Occupational Therapist
Jennifer Cook-Phair Plymouth MA 1995, 1996 Teacher
Stacey Fernandes Taunton MA 1995, 1996 Research Technician (Scientist)
Jeff Jarjoura Seekonk MA 1995, 1996 BMW Diagnostic Technician
Lynn Kingsley MA J&P- working on Young Voices, "If I were not a Proctor, what would I be?"; The Cake Skit, Pogs, band aids on our IDs, the dances, & playing lots of Encore. PCC made me a better person, and gave me a sense of direction. I have ma 1995 Insurance Agent Extroardinaire
Jason Lavoie Mansfield MA One of the best life changing experiences. Still close friends with many I met there. 1995, 1996 Civil Engineer
Katherine Lucas Cranston RI 1995, 1996 CNA
Jean Maroney 1995
Corey McKenna New York NY I absolutely loved my summers at PCC and would love to reconnect with some old classmates. 1995, 1996 Financial Analyst
Chris Palmquist Weymouth MA 1995, 1996 Business Development
Nick Pizzolato Plymouth MA : It was one of the best summers of my life. No doubt. 1995 Online Content Producer
Beth Rose-Avery Washington DC www.linkedin.com/in/bethavery/ 1995, 1996 Account Manager
Jamie Ross-Catarius Nashua NH 1995, 1996
Amanda Rota-Pyne 1995 Teacher
Laura Scarlett-Tavares Mansfield MA 1995, 1996 Nonprofit program director
John Walden Attleboro MA 1995, 1996 Teacher
Erik Williams Middleboro MA Great experience, ended up going back as a proctor from 2000-2003 1995, 1996 Proctor 2000-2003 Financial Services
Kelly Ahern Dover NH PCC was the best experience of my life. 1994, 1995 Underwriter
Jennifer Ellis Boston MA I have very fond memories of PCC! I think it's an excellent program run by wonderful people. 1994 Actress
Janina Delloca-Pawlowski PCC was truly an amazing, life-enrinching and FUN experience! It was the best way to spend the summers at that age and I think of those days very fondly. I hope our roads come together down the way. :-) 1994, 1995 Marketing
Elizabeth (Liz) Getchell-Drews Wellesley MA 1994, 1995 Proctor 2001
Katie Kowalski-Sullivan Roslindale MA PCC was the time of my life. 1994, 1995, Proctor 2000 Advertising & Marketing
Catherine Lochiatto-Mills Rockland MA What a great experience! 1994 Hairdresser
Kerrin O'Boy Taunton MA 1994, 1995
Soizic Michaud Alpharetta GA 1994 Marketing Manager
Phoebe Potter MA PCC was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It helped shaped who I am today, and I will never forget the relationships, nor the experiences and wonderful memories that I had here. 1994, 1995 Registered Nurse--Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
James Reed 1994
Jared Rubenstein New York NY 1994, 1995 actor
Eric Steidinger Attleboro MA I had a great time. Thanks for making an impact on kids lives. 1994, 1995 Technical Customer Support
Selena Strader Redondo Beach CA 1994 Contracts
Erin Tawa-Daley Quincy MA PCC was (and still is!) two of the best summers I have ever had. I only hope it is still around for my daughter when she is old enough! 1994, 1995 Registered Nurse
Denise Barry-Thompson Philadelphia PA PCC was an amazing experience. A great way to learn while having fun and making lifelong friends! 1993, 1994 Architect
Janet Bertoni-Josephson PA 1993, 1994 Doctoral Student
Rachel Boyden-Panaggio North Easton MA 1993, 1994
Paul Branagan North Quincy MA Words really can't begin to describe what PCC has done for me. Although, I never went to PCC as a student, I was a proctor (1993-1996); Resident Administrator (1997-1999); and the Program Director (2000-2001 & 2003-2007). In all of thes 1993-2007 History Department Chair, Middleborough High School & Deputy Executive Director for the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils (MASC)
Krista Calderone-Allan Plymouth MA I found two of my proctors on Facebook! :) 1993, 1994 Human Resources Project & Process Manager
Jennifer Counter Whitman MA Such great memories of those two summers! 1993-1994 Diplomat
Maureen Donnelly-Carroll Baltimore MD 1993, 1994; Staff 1999, 2000 Key Account Manager - Sales
Rob Dunn Plymouth MA 1993,1994 Mortgage Underwriter
Lisa Edwards Holyoke MA PCC Alumni on Facebook 1993, 1994, Proctor 1998 Real Estate Appraisals
Ryan Gill Tewksbury MA Former student, staff member, and Program Director. I wish PCC years and years of future memories that will last a lifetime! 1993, 1994 History Teacher / Varsity Soccer Coach
Tim Harkins Somerville MA PCC is a great experience that allows you to be who you truly are and can be. 1993, 1994 5th Grade teacher
Jennifer Hartnett Norton MA I met some of the most wonderful people at PCC, some of which I am still in contact with, some of which I am reconnecting with. I still have a Tupperware box full of 2 years worth of PCC memories. I just can't let it go. 1993, 1994 Enrollment Services @ BU
Elissa Kelley San Diego CA 1993, 1994 Speech language pathologist
Amanda Kinney Bridgewater MA PCC was a wonderful experience for me as a student and again as a proctor. I'll always cherish the memories I have from those summers. 1993, 1994 1999, 2000 Performance Management @ BCBSMA
Amy Miles 1993
Adam Morse Abington MA 1993 T-Mobile Sales

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