PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Lesley Anderson 2002, 2003 Psychology Counseling & Health
Alyssa Clark Taunton MA 2002, 2003 Nursing Student
Mark Davis Beaumont TX PCC was amazing, definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Lots of great friends and memories. 2002, 2003 Student electrical engineering
Justin Davis North Hollywood CA 2002, 2003 Waiter
Felicia Davis-Fruzzetti 2002, 2003
Elizabeth Fairburn 2002, 2003
Peter Duffy Abington MA Best summers of my life. 2002, 2003
Stephanie Filipek I took Adolescence and the Law and Theatre my first summer, then Painting and Improve with Improv my summer. 2002, 2003 Marketing
James Haugh Changed my life. Have many many friends i have stayed close to over the years...awesome experience. 2002, 2003 US Navy Rescue Swimmer/Special Forces
Kathryn Hakala Amherst MA PCC was absolutely the best two summers of my life. 2002, 2003 Student
Ryan Hickey Abington MA Best two summers of my life. 2002, 2003 Student
Kellie Holden Middleboro MA 2002, 2003 Staff 2006-2009
Brian Kelly Bridgewater MA 2002, 2003 Student
Tom Horan East Bridgewater MA I attended PCC as a student in 2002 and 2003 and went on to work at PCC from 2005-2009. I have never experienced something so influential to my growth as a person. The lessons learned here will stay with me forever and I thank all of the students 2002, 2003 2005 - 2009 Student
Marianne Long Rockland MA 2002, 2003 Student
Mike LaBrecque Taunton MA PCC was great, and I'm looking to reconnect with some old friends from the program. 2002, 2003
Mike McCormack 2002, 2003 Actor
Brianne McDonough Salem MA 2002, 2003 Higher Education Professional
Kait Mendall Middleboro MA Amazing summers. Endless fun. Good times with good people. 2002, 2003
Jacob McPherson New York NY 2002, 2003 Marketing
Michael Peloso Framingham MA 2002, 2003 Engineer
Kelsey Money Rehoboth MA Sorry everyone, when I first registered, my email was wrong now I correct it. PCC: Was the best years in my life, meet some amazing people that I still keep in touch with. 2002, 2003 Student
Amanda Reed West Bridgewater MA 2002, 2003; 2005-2009 Freelance writer
Lauren Spada Naples ME 2002, 2003 Pharmacist
Rebecca Rosen Whitman MA The years I spent at PCC, both as a proctor and as a student, were the most meaningful and amazing summers I have experienced. 2002, 2003 Proctor 2007-2010 Teacher
Allison Sula Lakeville MA 2002, 2003 Proctor 2008, 2009
Sara Stransky-Gatto Rockland MA 2002 Analyst
Kaitlyn Weygand Bridgewater MA 2002, 2003 Student
Casey White Taunton MA 2002, 2003 Student
Sarah Beberman Middleboro MA Facebook alumni group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=2215311070 2001, 2002
Valerie Cabral Norton MA 2001 Student, Wheaton College
Kristen Bissonnette Bridgewater MA I absolutely loved PCC - that summer changed me. Being in such a large group of people helped me to open up more to new people and to become a leader. I would love to fulfill my dream of becoming a proctor. I stay in touch by Facebook messages! 2001 Student
Carolyn Chmielewski 2001
Brittany Carriero Middleboro MA 2001, 2002 Student
Julia Concannon Rockland MA 2001, 2002 Student
Ahley Cook Harwich MA 2001 Student
Ashley Craig Middleboro MA 2001, 2002 Student
Jen Durden Taunton MA A great two summers! 2001, 2002 Equine Student/Riding Instructor
Katherine (Kailyn) Getchell-Martino Manchester CT 2001, 2002
Elizabeth Gardner Berkley MA 2001
Dusty Hall Bridgewater MA It was an awesome two summers. I met a ton of new friends, and I would love to be a proctor. 2001, 2002 Student
Christopher Harris Rehoboth MA PCC was such a great social experience, I met people that I still talk to to this day and I learned invaluable life skills and lasting memories that I will never forget. 2001, 2002 Video Editor
Matt Isgur Bridgewater MA 2001, 2002
Keri Houhoulis 2001, 2002
Zachary Kalaijian Abington MA 2001, 2002 Student
Samantha Keefe Hanson MA 2001, 2002 Student
Justin Langlois Ocoee FL 2001
Kelly Lisamarie Cranston RI 2001, 2002 Graphic & Web Designer
John Ogren Boston MA 2001, 2002 Graduate Student in Physics at BU
Eric Maitland Hanson MA Most amazing experience! Changed everything in my life for the better. 2001, 2002 Coordinator of Student Activities
Myles O'Toole Somerset MA 2001, 2002 Student
Benjamin Spear MA 2001 Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Lynn Weldon Cambridge MA 2001 Medicaid Social Worker
Sarah Wyman Brighton MA The two summers I attended PCC were the best! Getting a solo both summers for M&M gave me confidence in my singing ability and the love everyone showed me after the performances made us feel more like family. I still to this day think of the Wee 2001, 2002 Promotional Writer
Jason Almeida Whitman MA I still remember PCC. It was a great experience. I am currently still a student and will be attending law school next year 2000, 2001 Student
Stephanie Annichiarico 2000
A. Liam Bechen Whitman MA The address listed here is my parents' house; I've been living in Maine for nearly six years. PCC was one of the most important experiences of my young life! 2000, 2001 Community Outreach Educator for a rape crisis center
Jasmine Bretto-Lainez Quincy MA 2000
Kyle Chaplic New Haven CT PCC is the place where I realized who I am and became comfortable with myself. The new attitude I acquired while at PCC changed my life for sure. 2000 Nursing; M.S.N. Student at Yale University
Chris Cobb Walpole MA Great two summers! 2000, 2001 Production asst
Melissa Eisenhauer Boston MA PCC rocked! Def one of the best summers growing up! 2000 Musician
Carol Eldredge Middleboro MA One of the best experiences of my young life =) 2000, 2001 Assistant Teacher
Nicholas Flanders RI 2000, 2001
Amanda Fountain MA PCC was a great experience for me. I am also part of the PCC Facebook group. 2000, 2001 Public Relations
Lisa Hufnagel Astoria NY 2000, 2001 Theatre Electrician/Lighting Designer
Phillip Giggey Washington DC 2000 Backstage Theatre Technician
Kelly Knight Los Angeles CA 2000, 2001 Development Assistant
Pierre Lecesne Paris Hi, I'm French and I'm one of the lucky ones who could live the PCC experience. It was 8 years ago now, and I still have so many memories of it, and what memories!... Dear reader, if I knew you, I'd love to hear some news from you, 2000, 2001 Developer in a bank
Brian Leona Manchester CT 2000, 2001 Engineer
Jessica Lima Boston MA 2000, 2001 Grad Student, Teacher
Sarah MacPherson Middleboro MA 2000, 2001 Proctor at PCC
Meaghan Miller Orlando FL 2000, 2001 Accountant
Matthew Scott Northboro MA 2000 IT Manager
Ashley Wall NW Washington DC 2000, 2001 Teacher
Sarah Andrews-Schwartzberg NJ 1999, 2000
James Clark 1999 Civil Servant
Nicole Cannon North Dighton MA 1999 Graduate Student
Kate Daley Hanson MA To this day I am still amazed at how an advanced studies program changes the lives of so many young people. PCC is a life changer and will forever be in my heart 1999 Elementary Teacher
Caitlin Dermody Taunton MA 1999, 2000 Marketing Coordinator
Erin Hearn Hanson MA 1999, 2000 Student
Maddie Ellms Boston MA 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Shannon Keeping Worcester MA Unforgettable! 1999, 2000 Server
Laura Mellyn Hanson MA PCC was the best two summers of my life! 1999, 2000 Elementary Teacher
Chris Morrill Carver MA PCC was right on the pinnacle of childhood and (young) adulthood for me. In a way, it holds a special place. I remember being in Writing and Theater. Today I write, and I still enjoy acting. 1999 Film/Television student/work
Bill Naylor Middleboro MA 1999, 2000 Dean College - Advancement Services Assistant and Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Michael Pistone Madison Wisconsin My two summers at PCC were the best two summers I ever had. I met so many great people, and had a fantastic time. I fondly remember rec, core course, the skits, the speakers, the dances, my classes, living at Shea-Durgin, and all of the fantastic 1999, 2000 Economics PhD Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Danielle Spencer Seattle, WA 98103 WA PCC really is the best place on earth. I loved it as a student, and was lucky enough to be able to continue on as a proctor for 3 amazing summers. I can't thank everyone who I met throughout my 5 summers at PCC enough for changing my life for 1999, 2000, Proctor 2003-2005 Student
Jennifer Power This was hands down one of the best summers of my life. I couldn't have been happier with the experience and the lifelong friendships I made. 1999 Veterinary student
Allison Spivack I will always remember the summers of move-in days, core courses, hoe-downs and weepers with some of the best people on this planet. Both my sisters have attended as well: Lauren student 2002-2003, desk proctor 2006. Danielle student 2009-2010. 1999, 2000; Proctor 2003; Rec. Director 2004-2005 MPH student
Terri Sly Somerville MA 1999 Music
Matt Vincent Arlington VA PCC was the best time of my life. Oh, and I'm on facebook. 1999, 2000 Assistant Director, GW Housing Program, The George Washington University
Jennifer White Dighton MA Comments: I had a wonderful summer at PCC and nearly 10 years later, still keep in touch with many of the friends I made there. And I can still recite the cake skit by heart. 1999 Photographer
Sara Barrett West Hartford CT 1998 Early intervention ABA therapist
Joanna Douillette Dedham MA 1998, 1999 Marketing
Erik Edson Brookline MA Attended in 98 and 99, and worked as a proctor and assistant teacher (photography and computer music) in 2003. PCC was a wonderful experience for me and I hope it's still just as rewarding today. 1998, 1999, Proctor & TA 2003
Tiffany Gaudette-Friis Taunton MA While attending PCC, I grew both academically and socially. When I got accepted to go to this program I didn't know what it would entail, but I looked forward to going away to college for the summer and feeling like a grown up. The staff was 1998 Stay at home mom
Jackie Hart-Horsman Middleboro MA 1998 Teacher
Julia Konish Middleboro MA 1998, 1999 Americorps Massachusetts Promise Fellow
James Zack Dighton MA Best summers of my life. Truly a life altering experience. 1998, 1999 Network Engineer for Alliant Technologies
Lauren McDermott-Hoey Bridgewater MA 1998, 1999 Community Support Person / Part Time Grad Student

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