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Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Stephen Bissonnette Lakeville MA PCC was a wonderful experience that changed me for the better in so many ways 2005 Student at Skidmore College
T. W. Arrighi Bridgewater MA PCC was Awsome! 2005 Student at Fordham University
Timothy Burke Taunton MA Best summers of my life. 2005, 2006 Operations Specialist
Danielle Correia West Bridgewater MA I love and miss PCC! <33333333 forevvvvva lovin' youuu :) 2005 Student
Geoffrey Charland Whitman MA best summers ever.... made lifelong friends 2005, 2006 Student
Susan Cosgrove West Bridgewater MA PCC was one of the best experiences of my life, I made friends I still keep in touch with! 2005 Librarian/Student
Camri Cyr Taunton MA I loved PCC and it has made me the person I am today. It has taught me that you can have fun by being crazy and outgoing so you don't have to lean towards drugs and alcohol to have a good time. PCC has had such a great impact on my life &a 2005 Dairy Queen
Kelsey Grab Middleboro MA 2005 Student
Shayna Duff Bridgewater MA PCC was the greatest experience of my life, and I am forever grateful for it. 2005, 2006 Student; Dunkin Donuts
Ashley Hurley PCC was one of the best summers ever. I had so much fun and everyone one was nice. I hope to be a proctor in the summers coming up!! 2005
Emily Harriman 2005
Rebecca Jackson Whitman MA 2005, 2006
Nicole Kenneally Carver MA 2005, 2006 Student
Mary-Katlyn Lee Lakeville MA Absolutely amazing and life changing. 2005 College Student
Anthony Kinahan West Bridgewater MA 2005 Student
Brendon G. Little East Bridgewater MA It was very rewarding experience - Amazing I was able to fly a plane and the creative writing class helped me do well in my freshmen year at Spellmen to receive the most creative writer! 2005 College Student
Kerri Mahoney Hanson MA The two summers I spent at PCC were the best summers of my life. 2005, 2006 College Student
Kelli Mains Avon MA 2005, 2006 Cook/Student
Sarah Naughton Milton MA 2005 Student
Brian M Murphy Avon MA Loved both summers with all my heart, met so many great people. If you knew me and we lost contact feel free to email me. 2005, 2006 Working Hard
Christina Ransom Middleboro MA 2005, 2006
Tram-Anh Nguyen Abington MA PCC will always have a special place in my heart. 2005, 2006 Student
Daniel Shea Whitman MA I absolutely loved PCC and want to go back as a proctor at least one summer! I didn't know about this website until recently, but I'm so glad I found it! 2005, 2006 Student
Emily Tormey Abington MA PCC=LOVE. Miss everyone, and I definitely wish I was going back this summer! 2005, 2006
James Sheehan Rockland MA A great way to spend the summer! 2005, 2006 Musician
Emily Waldron Stoughton MA I loved every minute of being there. I experienced so many new things and met so many new people. I can say that it was the best summer I experienced. 2005 IParty
Lauren Walsh MA PCC was the best summer of my life! :) 2005 Student
Scott Bissonnette Mattapoisett MA 2004, 2005
Heather Anderson Lakeville MA Amazing summer! Hopefully one day I'll return as a proctor! :) 2004 Film/Video/Interactive Media Student
Erin Caron Taunton MA 2004, 2005
Holly Collins Middleboro MA 2004
Brittney Castello Taunton MA 2004 Photographer
James Duffy East Bridgewater MA 2004, 2005
Alissa Demers Rockland MA 2004, 2005
Rebecca Fortier Berkley MA PCC was a great way to meet new friends it was the best two summers of my life. I joined the PCC facebook group and I am still talking to some of the people I went to PCC with. I would like to return this summer as a proctor and help everyone ha 2004, 2005 Lead-out
Alyson Gelinas Hanson MA 2004 Full-time student at BSC
Meghann Hickey Abington MA 2004, 2005 Preschool Teacher at Busy Bee Preschool
Kayla Howell Boston MA PCC is something no one can explain unless they have experienced it. I attended PCC as a student in 04 and 05, and the. Had the pleasure of becoming a proctor, resident administrator and now Assistant program director. 2004, 2005; 2009-2013
Jessica Lauzon Middleboro MA 2004 Student
Joshua Kruger Taunton MA PCC > Life 2004, 2005 Student
Robert Lydon Abington MA 2004, 2005 Student
Juliet Macchi Cambridge MA PCC is an amazing place, as most people who have been will agree. My favorite memory was of the incredible freedom we had there. There was so much to do and try. I will never forget it. 2004, 2005 Student
Brendan McDonald 2004
Chas Manning Chicago IL 2004, 2005 Engineer
David Muir Bridgewater MA The The most amazing experience of my life. I am writing this as a Sophomore in college and not a day goes by where my mind doesn't wander back to my time at PCC. To this day I still keep in touch with friends I've made there. Once the 2004, 2005 Olde Scotland Links Employee
Emily Piche Raynham MA 2004, 2005 Student
Kathryn Picone-Marie Middleboro MA One of the most amazing, impressionable experiences I've ever had. It definitely changed my life- for the positive! 2004, 2005
Adrian Shaw Bridgewater MA 2004, 2005 Student
Jonathan Soroko Abington MA I always remember the great lessons I learned from going to PCC. I use those lessons and apply them to my college education. So far, I have been successful. I plan to be a proctor this summer to pay it forward. 2004, 2005 Student
Kimberly Waller East Bridgewater MA Never regret anything you do at PCC. Take chances, enjoy everything, and give it your all. What I learned at PCC I will carry and share throughout my entire life. 2004, 2005 Student
Katherine Westfield Hanson MA Best summers of my life! 2004, 2005 Student
Paul Whelan Abington MA 2004, 2005
Lisa Byrne Rockland MA 2003, 2004 Student
Michelle Barrows New Bedford MA PCC is a truly life-changing experience that teaches participants that they do in fact have the power to change the world, one step at a time. 2003, 2004 Clinical Psychology student, PCC teacher!
Michelle Chuckran Bridgewater MA PCC (03/04). Was. Amazing!!! The memories I made will last forever, even after the day the music dies. 2003, 2004 Student
Matthew Cotton Boston MA I loved every minute of PCC and can honestly say I would not be the same person without it. My endless thanks to Paul Branagan for delivering a program that gave me some of the most treasured memories in my life. I'll never forget that last 2003, 2004 Risk Assurance, Accounting Grad Student
Nicole Dane Rockland MA 2003, 2004
Michael Dion Abington MA Best two summers of my life. I am even going to school with some people that I went to PCC with. 2003, 2004 Student
Corin Fandel Carver MA PCC was one of the most unforgettable things to have ever happened to me. It really shaped who I am today. I still remember every song and dance and I tell people about it every chance I can!! 2003 I run 14 stores so a lil bit of everything :)
Sarah Garceau Best two summers! Loved my M&M and films, films, films classes 2003, 2004 Dance Teacher
Katelyn Fitzpatrick Middleboro MA It was two amazing summers that gave me the courage to go to college away from home and travel the world. 2003, 2004 College Student
Colette Goudreau Raynham MA The two summers I attended PCC were the best summers of my life. 2003, 2004 Nursing Student
Janelle Grenier-Carme West Harwich MA 2003 Nursing Student/Homemaker
Lindsay Grose Wareham MA 2003 Student
Peter Hoye Taunton MA I will never forget it !!! 2003, 2004 Student
Jessica Hogg 2003, 2004
Jim Kelly CA 2003, 2004 Guest Services / Venue Management
Aimée Joubert Whitman MA 2003, 2004 Student
Melanie Manning-Wrinkle Springtown TX 2003 Officer
Jaclyn Maroney Rockland MA Two Summers I'll never forget with some amazing people. 2003, 2004 Film Production
Samantha Mattos Bridgewater MA I came from a low-income family, and we saved for months in order for me to attend, since my district did not give away scholarships. That being said, it was absolutely worth every penny. I've kept in contact with many people I met at PCC, 2003 Student
Sara McGee Brighton MA 2003 Allocation Analyst at TJX
Jill Meleedy Lakeville MA I still think about PCC often and talk about my amazing two summers. It was a really transformative experience for me! 2003, 2004 Graduate Student
Robert Mulligan Abington MA 2003, 2004
Sam Ogren 2003, 2004
Sinead O'Brien MA It was an amazing two summers and I'll never forget it! 2003, 2004 Social Worker
Lindsay Reagan Bridgewater MA Student, 2003, 2004. Proctor 2007-2010. There is no better way to spend seven summers. 2003, 2004 Proctor 2007-2010 Student
Nicole Riley Bridgewate MA PCC is a place where you can be yourself, and a place where you will meet others for who they are, rather than 'what' they are! 2003, 2004 Student at BSC
Eric Sherlock West Hartford CT 2003 Associate Pastor
Kate Wegielewski Whitman MA 2003, 2004
Joshua Begley Bridgewater MA 2002, 2003 College Student
Lesley Anderson 2002, 2003 Psychology Counseling & Health
Alyssa Clark Taunton MA 2002, 2003 Nursing Student
Mark Davis Beaumont TX PCC was amazing, definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Lots of great friends and memories. 2002, 2003 Student electrical engineering
Justin Davis North Hollywood CA 2002, 2003 Waiter
Felicia Davis-Fruzzetti 2002, 2003
Elizabeth Fairburn 2002, 2003
Peter Duffy Abington MA Best summers of my life. 2002, 2003
Stephanie Filipek I took Adolescence and the Law and Theatre my first summer, then Painting and Improve with Improv my summer. 2002, 2003 Marketing
James Haugh Changed my life. Have many many friends i have stayed close to over the years...awesome experience. 2002, 2003 US Navy Rescue Swimmer/Special Forces
Kathryn Hakala Amherst MA PCC was absolutely the best two summers of my life. 2002, 2003 Student
Ryan Hickey Abington MA Best two summers of my life. 2002, 2003 Student
Kellie Holden Middleboro MA 2002, 2003 Staff 2006-2009
Brian Kelly Bridgewater MA 2002, 2003 Student
Tom Horan East Bridgewater MA I attended PCC as a student in 2002 and 2003 and went on to work at PCC from 2005-2009. I have never experienced something so influential to my growth as a person. The lessons learned here will stay with me forever and I thank all of the students 2002, 2003 2005 - 2009 Student
Marianne Long Rockland MA 2002, 2003 Student
Mike LaBrecque Taunton MA PCC was great, and I'm looking to reconnect with some old friends from the program. 2002, 2003
Mike McCormack 2002, 2003 Actor
Brianne McDonough Salem MA 2002, 2003 Higher Education Professional
Kait Mendall Middleboro MA Amazing summers. Endless fun. Good times with good people. 2002, 2003

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