PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Brittany Turcotte Lakeville MA PCC 2008 was the best summer of my life, and even though I was only a first year second year, it was incredible, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone! KEEP IN TOUCH EVERYONE! 2008 Student
Rochelle St. Onge Taunton MA PCC 2008 <3 True Colors. The best summer I ever had. I met so many people. The only regret I had was not going in '07. I will never forget it. I wish I could do it again! 2008
Morgan Turner MA 2008, 2009
Kevin Weldon Carver MA PCC changed me in more ways than I can ever imagine. It helped me discover new friends, and most importantly it helped me discover parts of myself that I never new existed. If I could imagine heaven in any form it would probably be with all my f 2008, 2009
Mary-Kate Wells Raynham MA PCC meant so much too me. At first I was not sure if I could go because of medical reasons but it ended up that I could. Which I greatly appreciate. In summer 2008 it was summer of "True Colors" which has been the best summer ever. I 2008
Nicole Anderson Carver MA PCC changed my life. I will never go back to the way I was before it. I will never forget the amazing people. There are no words to explain PCC. I could never imagine spending these summers anywhere else. 2007, 2008
Melissa Atkinson Abington MA PCC was the best 2 summers of my life & I truly discovered my voice & found my true colors. PCC changed my life so much; I have come out of my shell & became outgoing, thanks to the staff (they don't judge others & are always s 2007, 2008 Student
Kevin Audette Bridgewater MA I love PCC. 2007, 2008
Jackie Beaucaire East Bridgewater MA 2007, 2008 Student
Jennie Belcher East Bridgewater MA PCC was the most amazing two summers of my life. The people I met were more than amazing. I will never forget all the friends I have made. 2007, 2008 Student
Brenden Bennett Middleboro MA PCC. Man where do i start? These past two summers have been the best of my life. PCC has taught me so many things, one of the biggest being not to really care what others think about me and to always show the real me and not hide in a "shel 2007, 2008 Student
Tyler Belliveau Rochester MA PCC is like an archeology dig site, except bones aren't dug up, your inner self is. 2007, 2008
Lauren Benvie East Bridgewater MA PCC was more than just a summer program. It was my home and my family. ALL of the staff was so nice and I hated to leave both summers. I love PCC so much. I wouldn't be able to know what my life would be like if I did not attend PCC. 2007, 2008 Student
Zachary Botelho Middleboro MA Most amazing experiences of my life. Met my best friends and became the person I am today. Thank you PCC!! 2007, 2008
Alex Branagan Rehoboth MA PCC was the best time of my life 2007, 2008 Student
Andrew Cavanaugh Middleboro MA PCC changed my life and it gave me the courage to go to a new high school that I believe is a better fit for me. 2007, 2008
Ally Chase Middleboro MA PCC '07 was amazing! it was the best summer of my life. PCC is a very emotional experience, but if you do decide to apply to the program, I have to say its the best thing you'll ever experience! 2007, 2008 Student
Jonathan Clark Taunton MA PCC Changed my life forever. It gave me confidence that I never new I could have had. It opened new beginnings for me that changed my life forever! Before I went to PCC I never had ever taken any singing lessons. When I went to PCC my first year I 2007, 2008 Student
Emily Condry Middleboro MA love&miss pcc <3 2007, 2008
Thomas Covert Abington MA PCC is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. I made the biggest mistake of my life by not attending for my second year. I made so many friends and had the time of my life. 2007 Student
Dominique Del Prete Rockland MA PCC completely changed my life. The summers of 2007-Discovering Your Voice and 2008-True Colors will always live on in my heart. I made friends from all over and I learned so much in those 12 weeks. PCC has made me the person I am today and I am 2007, 2008
Kaitlyn Dahlborg Berkley MA PCC was the most amazing program and I love it. I'm so happy I decided to come back for my second summer. PCC helped me come out of my shell and be who I really am instead of who the people in my school think I am because they've been 2007, 2008 Student
Andrew Dion Abington MA PCC was two of the most amazing summers of my life. I could never give back was the project did for me. I learned so much and made so many new friends. The project will always be in my heart. 2007, 2008
Katie Desrosiers MA PCC was amazing. I made so many great friends I love!! The experience is amazing and life changing!! 2007, 2008 Student
Gavin Donahue Bridgewater MA The greatest summers of my life, thanks to you, PCC. It's just too sad there's not a week seven or eight.....or nine. 2007, 2008
Lauren Flockton Carver MA I have no idea where to start. When I signed up for PCC I didn't think I would come out of my shell but I was clearly wrong. In the start I was homesick but with the help of my 5D girlies I felt at home in an instant and didn't want to 2007 Student
Nicole Fleming Whitman MA PCC was the most amazing experience of my life. I attended PCC '07, and I am currently attending PCC '08; summer of true colors. I met so many amazing people that I will always love. There are so many unforgettable memories that come with 2007, 2008 Student
Derek Hill Abington MA 2007, 2008
Emily Harding Carver MA PCC means so much to me and was by far the best summers of my life. I love this program for the fact that you can walk into this program and instantly have 540 friends that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 2007, 2008 Student
Derek Holland West Bridgewater MA PCC 07 + 08 was the most incredible time of my life. Thank you to everyone that made it that way! 2007, 2008
Michael Jeghers Carver MA PCC 2006 was my summer of dreams to get me excited for THE best summer I ever had, PCC 2007 discover your voice. It changed my life forever. The people i met, befriended, and became close to, still lie in my heart. It meant everything to me. 2007, 2008 State Police Trainee
Meaghan Hurley Abington MA 2007, 2008
Bradley Kefalis Middleboro MA I don't even know where to start. At first PCC seems like 3 simple letters but then you soon realize its much more. PCC changed my life forever and I am so glad to have gone both of my summers. I discovered my voice and found my true color 2007, 2008 Student
Kaitlyn Keenan West Bridgewater MA 2007, 2008 Student
Nicholas Kinsman Middleboro MA PCC to me meant a change in my life. Going to PCC caused me to become a more social and outgoing person. It turned my life to a better direction causing me to become a better person in general. I have gained so many great friends through PCC. 2007, 2008 Student
Samantha Kuhn East Bridgewater MA PCC 2007 & 2008 were the two most amazing summers of my life. I both discovered my voice & found my true colors. I 'm so fortunate that I was allowed to be a part of such an incredible experience. I would never be who I am today if 2007, 2008 Student
Jimmy Leonard Abington MA PCC is an amazing life altering experience. The proctors are some of the most amazing people who have deeply affected my life by the things they do and teach, as well as the students. I will never forget the magic and experiences of PCC. 2007, 2008 Student
Bridget Lynch The two summers that I attended PCC were by far the best two summers of my life so far!!! To anyone who is not sure of going: GO!!!! You will not regret it! 2007, 2008
Bridget Lynch Middleboro MA PCC. What an amazing and exciting 2 years that cannot be described to someone who hasn't experienced it. PCC is a place where you meet new friends, experience new things, learn, and most of all have fun. The year(s) that you spend at the She 2007, 2008
Sean Mahoney Hanson MA Loved PCC both years, and I would love to contribute to the experience for others in any way that I can. 2007, 2008
James Lynch Bridgewater MA PCC was absolutely fantastic. I really miss the friends, the dances, and those great times on the hill. 2007
Cassidy Maksy Lakeville MA PCC has been the best, most unforgettable part of my life. My two summers changed me in so many ways and I did not expect that going into my first year. It made me independent and let me open up and show who I really am. I became friends with pe 2007, 2008 Student
Evan Maloof Middleboro MA 2007, 2008
Jacob Manning West Bridgewater MA 2007, 2008 Student
Jennifer Manning Abington MA Thank you for the best two summers of my life! 2007, 2008 Student
Willem Matheson Berkley MA Thank you, you really have changed my life forever. I'm me and I don't even care what other people think, and I wanted to thank everyone at PCC for making me that way!!! 2007, 2008 Student
Nicholas McGee Bridgewater MA LONG LIVE PCC '07/'08!!! 2007, 2008
Matthew McCall Rehoboth MA PCC was life-changing. That is to say the least. It was beyond words. 2007 Gymnastics Instructor
Kelsey McKenna East Freetown MA 2007, 2008
Sara Moore Rockland MA The summer of 2007 and 2008 were the best two summers of my life. This was because those were the two summers I attended PCC. PCC has changed me in so many ways and has made me a better person. Throughout these two summers I have met so many new 2007, 2008 Student
Ryan Morrissey East Bridgewater MA PCC was the best experience of my life. It broke me out of my shell and broadened my horizons. 2007, 2008
Tracey Morrison Middleboro MA 2007, 2008
Abegale Nelson Assonet MA While at PCC, I discovered so much about myself, and I grew a great deal. I began to never hold back, and I will continue to be myself no matter where I am. I can honestly say that the Project changed my life. Still, one of the most important th 2007, 2008 Student
Chelsea Murphy Hanson MA P.C.C. has been a wonderful experience. My past two summers have been the best two summers of my life. It helped me so much to open up and be who I truly am. The summer of discovering my voice and true colors has been so inspirational, and I in 2007, 2008
Kristen Nolan East Bridgewater MA PCC 2007& 2008 was unquestionably the best summers of my life! After PCC 2007 I didn't think anything else I did would ever measure up but only one thing did... PCC 2008. PCC is something that cant be compared to anything else and is like 2007, 2008 Student
Colleen O'Connor Whitman MA PCC has made a huge difference in my life! I have meet so many new friends over those two summers. Some of them will be life long friends. PCC also helped me come out of my shell and be more outgoing! PCC changed my life in so many ways. 2007, 2008 Student
Emma Oliveira Lakeville MA PCC was definitely a life changing experience. I'm a better person due to it. It was without a doubt unforgettable. PCC gave me the confidence to go out into the world knowing that I was prepared for anything thrown my way. The proctors are 2007, 2008 Student
Bridget Oliveira Lakeville MA PCC completely changed my life. There is no other way to describe it. 2007, 2008 Student
Emily Oliver Harwich Port MA 2007, 2008 Student
Katie Pelland East Freetown MA PCC will forever be embedded onto my heart. 2007, 2008 Student
Sarah Perkins Hanson MA 2007, 2008
Ian Phillips Taunton MA PCC '07 and '08 were the greatest two summers of my life. Both times I went there thinking I knew exactly what was going to happen, and both times I left feeling stunned by how different it was from what I expected. I will never forget 2007, 2008
Michael Pratt Carver MA Incredible 2007, 2008
Cassandra Raphel 2007, 2008
John Remmes Rockland MA PCC is the most amazing program camp ever. For 6 weeks I became almost family with hundreds of people. It's amazing how 3 letters mean so much. PCC means to us all an indescribable summer, a multitude of friends, and our true colors. To all 2007, 2008 Student
Danielle Robbins Bridgewater MA I love PCC. It's the most amazing program ever. I wish I could go back. 2007, 2008 Student
Evan Richard Assonet MA PCC, I can say without exaggeration, was a life changing experience for me. It improves the lives of many people many fold, creates lifelong friendships, and teaches people to be better people... Just thinking back makes me smile. 2007, 2008 Student
Bryan Ruel Whitman MA 2007-2012
Brian Sears East Bridgewater MA PCC has been a home for me over the past two summers. I've changed so much and i wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for this magical program. This program gave me not only close friends, but a family of older sibilings, si 2007, 2008 Student
Alexandria Ruffo Rockland MA PCC was the most amazing experience of my life that I know I'll never forget. It gave me some of the greatest and unforgettable friends and memories. PCC isn't just 3 letters, it's nothing like any camp you could ever go to, and it&# 2007, 2008 Student
Kevin Seely Berkley MA PCC is the single-most important thing that has gone on in my life so far. It has metemorphasized me from a young, shy kid into a mature, outgoing young man. That summer totally changed my outlook on everything and it also helped me discover who 2007, 2008
Niki Smith East Bridgewater MA I love PCC! :] 2007, 2008
Jake Spinetto Carver MA PCC to me was the best summer of my life and it helped me find my true colors and i will always remeber the people i met and got to know. I willl never forget the awesome proctors on my floor Mr.Davis, Mr.Burt, Mr.Roule, MR MacLean, and Mr. Ruthle 2007, 2008
Sara St. Don Lakeville MA A life changing summer. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for PCC '07 "Find Your Voice." So many great people and amazing experiences. PCC inspired me to be a better person, and it will always be in my heart. 2007 Student
Drew Sullivan Whitman MA PCC is indescribable but I'm gonna try to describe it. PCC not only builds character, but it builds everlasting friendships. Every aspect of it is amazing. The food, the proctors, the classes, the people, etc. To anybody who has doubts goin 2007, 2008
Larissa Stranahan Rockland MA PCC 2007/2008 were the best two summers of my life! PCC has helped me so much! I can go up to anyone and start talking to them. I no longer judge people at first sight! I've learned that everyone deserves a chance. I have also made some life 2007, 2008 Student
Abigail Tatarian Lakeville MA Nothing could ever replace PCC in my heart; I will never forget the experience. It taught me so many life lessons that I will never forget; it allowed me to grow socially and mentally and I feel like such a different person than I used to be. I 2007, 2008 Student
Shannon Terlecki Hanson MA 2007, 208 Student
Julia Tibert Bridgewater MA Best summers ever! 2007, 2008
Jackie Toomey Abington MA I love PCC 07&08. It made me open to new people. 2007, 2008 Student
Carver MA I love PCC 07&08. It made me open to new people. 2007, 2008 Student
Caitlyn Toste Carver MA I love PCC with all my heart. It is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm sure that it will always remain the most amazing part of my life. This summer was my last at PCC but only as a student. I will always hold PCC in my 2007, 2008 Student
Rachel Ward Berkley MA PCC was an amazing experience! It took me a while to get used to it, there are so many different types of people and they all come from different towns. I truly wish that I had returned for PCC 2008. It would have been really fun to check up on my 2007 Student
Mark Wade Berkley MA PCC is amazing! Even though PCC (the summer) has ended I don't believe it's over. I still talk to so many of my PCC family. There isn't one day that I go through without thinking about PCC, and if you can ever get a chance to become 2007, 2008 Floriculture Student/Greenhouse Worker/Floral Designer
Autumn Wood MA 2007
Jessica Anderson Mendon MA PCC changed my world in more ways that could ever be imagined. I watched the summer of dreams yearbook DVD the other day and started to cry remembering all of the great times I had. Ms. Forest was right when she said that we would never be able 2006 Cook, Waitress, and Drag Racer
James Bentley Whitman MA Most amazing place on Earth! I have no regrets from it at all what so ever! I would say more but words can't describe it. I just hope I can proctor someday like the proctors who inspired me. 2006, 2007 Student
Ali Blake Berkley MA 2006, 2007
Peter Charette Bridgewater MA 2006, 2007 Student
Patrick Brennan 2006, 2010, 2011 Stage Technician
Stephanie Cicalis Bridgewater MA PCC changed my life, I miss the Project like crazy. Thank you so much PCC, I miss and love everyone involved. Thanks again for making my PCC experience better than I could have ever asked for. 2006, 2007
David Cote PCC was the greatest summer of my life. Everyday was an adventure and something awesome to look forward to. The classes, events, dances, and even free time were always full of energy and positivity. The friends I made during the Summer of Dreams 2006 Animation/Illustration
Kayla Corey Middleboro MA Best summer ever! 2006 Student
Douglas Cowing Rockland Ma PCC was the greatest experience of my life. I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't go. 2006 Student
McKayla Craig Middleboro MA No doubt the most incredible time of my life. :) 2006
Mallory Decas Wareham MA PCC was the most amazing opportunity that I could have had. I definitely regret not following up and going as a second year student. PCC 2006 was the summer to dream, and it definitely opened up some doors for me. I met the most amazing friends th 2006
Alexander Denneno Bridgewater MA PCC is a great expirience, one of the best I have had to date...next to sitting in the green monster seats. 2006, 2007
Sarah Fabianski East Taunton MA PCC was definately the best summer of my life and I'm wicked excited that they have this set up! 2006
Lisa Donovan East Bridgewater MA PCC really changed my life!!! 2006, 2007 Student/Dunkin Donuts
Kelsie Finn Elmwood MA 2006, 2007

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