PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Dan Gould Whitman MA 2009, 2010
Andrew Goldberg Middleboro MA PCC ASP 2009 was definitely the best summer of my life and I wish I had gone the year before. If you are ever thinking about going to PCC you should definitely go 2009
Ashley Hemeon Rockland MA 2009, 2010
Amber Hopwood Middleboro MA I love PCC so much, it was the best two summers of my life, and I'm part of the alumni group on facebook. 2009, 2010
Kara Mackie Norton MA There's so much that I have learned from PCC, and I have become an entirely different person as a result. I can't thank my great friends, teachers, and most of all, my PROCTORS, enough. If you remember me from PCC or are thinking about go 2009, 2010
Taryn Kitchen Norton MA Comments: PCC was absolutely amazing. Going into I thought everyone was over exaggerating but it really was the best summer of my life. The only thing I regret about my decision to go to PCC is that I wish I had gone last year too!! I will nev 2009
Kelsey Martin MA I love PCC! 2009
Haley Murray MA 2009, 2010
Taylor Maynard Plymouth MA My two summers at PCC were the best I have ever experienced and the program is truly an image of how life should be in general. "Stop for a Minute" in 2010 was absolutely touching and inspiring beyond belief. Looking forward to going b 2009, 2010
Maegan Nedell Bridgewater MA PCC was the most amazing summer I could have asked for. I have made so many new friends that I will be friends with forever. PCC has changed my life. 2009
Ally Niccoli West Bridgewater MA PCC 2009 and 2010 were the best summers of my life. I made so many great memories and friends. I can't wait to come back and be a proctor! 2009, 2010
Annalise Olsen 2009, 2010
Pat O'Donnell Bridgewater MA PCC 2009, 2010 are some of the greatest experiences that i will have. I'm sad to see it leave BSU but Stonehill looks good. Cant wait till 2012! desk proctor! 2009, 2010
Drew Panico Abington MA PCC 2009 was definitely the absolute best summer of my life, and as a first year, I will definitely be coming back next year. With no hesitation at all. I would recommend PCC to anyone who wants to have the most fun filled, exciting, and rewarding 2009
Joshua A. Pooler Middleboro MA Looking forward to next year! 2009 Student
Christina Picone Middleboro MA PCC was absolutely amazing! I loved every minute of it. Even waking up bright early, not just because I had running club but because I had the whole day to look forward too. Nothing can beat PCC. No one can understand that magic of it until you 2009
Shanel Roy Whitman MA PCC was the best summer of my life. Not only was the program amazing, but the proctors of of PCC 09 History Starts Now were absolutely amazing and all I can say is thank you. 2009 Student
Ryan Sinclair Avon MA PCC 2009 was the best summer ever I'm so thankful for the friends I met! History Starts Now! 2009
Brandy Savage MA PCC has helped me grow as a person and I will never forget all the amazing people and memories I gained over these two summers. PCC will always be apart of my heart. 2009, 2010 Student
Mike Spallino Abington MA Really the best summer of my life...so far...still got 2010 2009
Hannah Stapleton PCC has been the best six weeks of my life. I cannot wait to come back next year. 2009
Samantha Vajgrt North Dighton MA PCC was a great experience for me but I was unable to go my second year because of money issues. I wanted to go my second year because my first year was so amazing, and it helped me improve on my life skills and taught me more about myself. 2009
Eddie Akers PCC was the best experience of my life and I'll never forget it. I only wish that I had known about PCC in 2007 so I could have attended there for two summers instead of just one. 2008
Nick Atkinson Abington MA 2008, 2009
Ashley Valerie East Freetown MA PCC was so amazing this year and its so hard to let go. But I keep saying that not to cry because its over but to smile because it happened and that PCC never ends unless you let it. I can't wait to go back and become a proctor! These past 2008, 2009 Student
Megan Bankert Dighton MA PCC 2008 was the best summer ever!! The program taught me how to open up to people I'm not familiar with. It also helped me make new friends from other places. PCC was amazing and I enjoyed every moment of it. On the last day I balled my ey 2008 File girl
Alexandra Bare Rochester MA I loved PCC 2008! I was so happy when I found out that I got chosen to go. It was a new and unique but awesome summer. I am so grateful for the chance I was given: to meet new friends and learn things that you can't learn in school. Thanks!! 2008 Student
Richard Bernache Rockland MA 2008
Erin Benvie East Bridgewater MA PCC completely changed my life. I used to be the shyest person ever and know nobody can believe that. I have made some unbelievable memories and friendships that I know will last a life time. I had an amazing proctor and the best summer of my lif 2008, 2009 Student
Justin Blight Hanson MA PCC is something that stays in your heart forever. No matter what you do, where you go, or who your with, PCC will always be there. I will always cherish the memories of PCC 2008 True Colors. It was the greatest experience in my life. The sta 2008
Megan Bernardino Taunton MA PCC 2008 True Colors was the best summer of my entire life. It taught me to be myself no matter where i am or who i am with. This program is defiantly indescribable. You just have to experience it. This summer was unbelievable and totally unforge 2008 Student
Sophia Bonenfant Taunton MA PCC has given me the two best summers of my life. I loved it and will miss it so much. Thanks for everything. 2008, 2009 Student
Makayla Brady Middleboro MA PCC changed me from the moment I stepped into Shea/Durgin. I never realized how shy I was and PCC got rid of that. It made me a somebody and gave me the bestest friends in the world!! I found everything I ever wanted at PCC. Thank you all so mu 2008, 2009 The Crazy One
John Cardoza East Taunton MA PCC was life changing. I could never forget the friendships made with both the other students as well as proctors. PCC gave me the best two summers of my life. 2008, 2009 Student
Kelley Charette Bridgewater MA I really can't describe PCC, I miss everyone so much. The friends you make here you will have for life and the decision to come here was the best one I ever made. Thanks for everything PCC, gone but definitely not forgotten. 2008, 2009
Chaves Valdemar Bridgewater MA CC was truly a life changing experience. It changed me in more ways than I thought was possible. It gave me the opportunity to open up and meet many new friends, most who I still keep in touch with today. This program has helped make the two greates 2008, 2009
Andrew J Conners West Bridgewater MA The Best summer of my life. 2008 Student
Alyssa Correia West Raynham MA 2008 Student
Rebecca Corshia Plymouth MA PCC was a wonderful oppurtunity to find myself while meeting new people. It gave me a taste of the collage life and helped me prepare for the school years ahead. 2008
Isabel Corriea Middleboro MA PCC was definitely one of the most amazing times of my life. I made life long memories with all the amazing people I met. Miss you all! 2008, 2009
Matthew Costi Assonet MA PCCASP 2008 means so much to me. It was the best summer of my life and best experience ever in general. I met so many new friends there that will all last a lifetime. The thing that really amazes me about PCC is how quickly you can make new frie 2008
Elena Crowley East Bridgewater MA PCC was the best summer of my life! Thanks to all my friends and proctors for helping me become a more outgoing and better person. 2008 Student
Rachael Crosta East Bridgewater MA PCC gave me the chance to jump out of my comfort zone and break out of my shell. This program also gave me the glimpse of what college life would be like. I became closer to friends I already knew and met new people that I can now call my friend 2008
Jake DeSousa Berkley MA PCC 2008 Summer of True Colors was the most amazing summer of my entire life. I lived on my own with people I didn't know, learned what it meant to really show your TRUE COLORS, and met some pretty incredible people that I'll never forge 2008
Shannon Cullinane West Bridgewater MA 2008
Brinna Dessert Assonet MA Hey, remember when I was a scene kid? (; 2008
Catherine Doherty Hanson MA I LOVED IT!!!! IT WAS TWO OF THE BEST SUMMERS OF MY LIFE!!!! 2008, 2009 Student
Zack Dyer PCC was the single most important experience of my life. Thank you all so much! 2008
Brittany Doran Acusnet MA I loved it so much. It was like no other summer I have had. It was the best summer for me. I made a bunch of new friends and had fun. 2008 Student
Heather Ewell Rockland MA Greatest experience! 2008
Jennifer Estrompa Taunton MA The only downside to PCC is eventually having to leave! Hands down, best summer of my life. I'll never forget the amazing experiences and people at PCC. I only wish I could have gone for two years 2008
Jacquelyn Fanning Avon MA PCC was amazing. It was the best summer of my life <3 2008 Student
Dan FitzGerald Abington MA PCC is the greatest thing in the world. Any word or phrase that I can think of is an understatement. I met so many people as a first year second year. It was awesome. The friendships that are made at PCC are closer then any other friendships at 2008 Student
McCayla Foley Lakeville MA PCC is so different than anything else. We're all a huge family. No one cares about anything, only who you are at that moment. PCC changed my life. 2008
Jenny Frazier Middleboro MA PCC was an amazing experience and something I will never forget. I met two of my best friends there, that I would of never met if I didn't attend this program. thank you PCC <3 2008, 2009
Karly Foster MA PCC was the most amazing summer of my life. It taught me to be myself and fully show my true colors. I have made friends that will last a lifetime and I had proctors that made huge impacts on my life. PCC will ALWAYS be in my heart. It changed m 2008 Student
Danielle Gagnon Lakeville MA PCC was the most amazing experience of my life and I wish that I could go back. I was a first second year so this was my only summer at PCC as a student. It has been one of the best summers of my life. 2008 Student
Maureen Garrity MA Best summer of my life. Love & miss it! 2008, 2009
Brett Gammon East Bridgewater MA 2008
David Gidley Middleboro MA Best two summers of my life. 2008, 2009
Ashley Graca East Freetown MA I love Ms. L. Prakop's 2008 hall! I hope to come back in '09 2008 Student
Josh Grab Middleboro MA During my two years at PCC I learned so much and experienced so much. I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend this phenomenal program twice and I am so grateful to this program for so many reasons it is impossible to write all of them down. 2008, 2009
Nicholas Grimard Abington MA PCC was a giant loving family. No one was mean to anyone and the respect that everyone had shown was pure. No one at PCC is left out. Now that I am back in my town, I realize how much I am going to miss PCC and that it was the best time of my life 2008 Student
Keleigh Grinham PCC = LIFE 2008, 2009
Chloe Higginbotham Middleboro MA PCC was the best thing to ever happen to me. I wouldn't trade my 2 experiences at PCC for anything in the world. You meet so many great people who you will truly never forget. PCC cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. I am so fort 2008, 2009
Erica Harnois Taunton MA PCC has been the most incredible summer of my life. All the proctors were so amazing. I met so many friendly people. I'll never forget all the people that helped fulfill my PCC experience. 2008 Student
Katie Holmes Lakeville MA PCC 2008 was the best summer of my life. It showed me that being who you want to be and who you are are never a bad thing. I met so many new people that changed my life for ever. 2008, 2009
Allen Hover East Bridgewater MA PCC was truly one of the best summers of my life to this day. 2008
Annabelle Hood Raynham MA PCC is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. I was able to meet so many new people that I still keep in touch with and made many memories that will stay with me forever. If you were to ask anyone what PCC is, they could not 2008, 2009 Student
Matt Imrie Abington MA PCC was the best thing i have ever done. I will never forget all the good times I had. Thanks to everyone who helped make this the best summer of my life 2008
Jessica Jezard East Bridgewater MA PCC is truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I learned not to care what others think, and to come out of my shell. I was painfully shy before PCC, but now I'm a carefree and outgoing person! Thank you! 2008 Student
Samantha Jutras East Bridgewater MA 2008 Student
Sarah Kilduff Taunton MA PCC was the best summer of my life. 2008
Kacie King Lakeville MA PCC was the best summer that I could ever had. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. 2008 Student
Ali Ladue Bridgewater MA PCC 2008 was a summer that I will never forget! I made so many friends that I will NEVER forget... and ended up crying my eyes out at the end of the 6 weeks with people I had never met before! TRUE COLORS FOREVER <3 2008
Meghan Lee PCC is easily the most amazing summer I ever had. I encourage anyone who is considering applying to definitely apply. BECAUSE IT IS SUPERLY, AMAZINGLY, EXTRAORDINARILY FUN!!! 2008 Student
Nicole Ledoux Bridgewater MA PCC was a life changing experience. Three weeks into my freshmen year of high school and I'm still raving about it. PCC was my second home, where peers turned into brothers and sisters and the proctors turned into older cousins. Everyone shou 2008
Christina Lincoln Norton MA PCC was the best summer of my life and always will be it changed me forever. 2008
Chris MacDonald Whitman MA PCC is the hardest thing I've ever had to describe. I started in the summer of '08 and I was going to a new high school instead of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School. PCC gave me the personality to be able to enter a new place and fit. 2008, 2009 Student
Darianna Marini I made so many new friends at PCC 2008!! I found my true colors! I'm sad I only went this one year, but even that made such an impact on me! PCC can't really be describe, it has to be experienced! 2008 Student
Casey Magee Mattapoisett MA PCC was the best summer I ever had I met so many great and amazing people and I am definitely coming back next year. 2008
Dylan Marshall Carver MA 2008
Alexa Martin Middleborough MA PCC was absolutely the most amazing program I have ever attended in my life. Everyone was incredibly kind, and I am so pumped to go back this year! 2008 Student
Davey McConnell Bridgewater MA Trying to describe PCC is like trying to describe a color to a blind person - it cannot be done. I can only be thankful that such a place like PCC exists; somewhere that a person can be positively, incontrovertibly, themselves. 2008, 2009
Andrea Mendes Rockland MA PCC 2008 was absolutely amazing! I'm so mad I didn't go in 2007. Thank you for the most amazing summer ever :) 2008
Karly Nickerson Carver MA 2008 Student
Scott Olson Bridgewater MA PCC was one of the best times of my entire life. I was able to be myself, and no one would care. I miss that and my experiences very dearly. 2008, 2009
Anne O'Brien Bridgewater MA amazingg! 2008
Kelsey Post Raynham MA PCC was the absolute best summer of my life. I made so many new friends who I am still in touch with. It was so much fun and there isn't one thing I didn't like about it. At PCC you can always be yourself or who ever you want to be. O 2008 Student
Morgan Pritchard Middleboro MA Made my best friendships here! Livelaughlovepcc2009 history starts now. 2008 Always let your true colors show. 2008, 2009
Amanda Quigley Raynham MA PCC was the most amazing experience of my life. 2008 Student
Devon Roberts West Bridgewater MA PCC was the most incredible experience, and being able to be a part of it for two Summers in a row was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I met some amazing people and have made some friends that I know I'll keep for a very long 2008, 2009
Craig Schoaf Raynham MA It was the best experience of my life. I made so many friends during those six weeks. 2008 Student
Anthony Serra Taunton MA Student speaker and lead in theater production of "Oedipus and Antigone" 2008, 2009 Student
Lauren Sheppard Whitman MA PCC 2008 and 2009 were truly life changing. There is no way anyone can come back and say PCC hasn't changed them for the better. PCC helped me become the person I am today. Thank you to everyone I've met who's helped me along the 2008, 2009 Student
Brenden Shea West Bridgewater MA PCC can’t be explained in simply words. I met and made more friends then I have made anywhere else in my life. It was amazing! I will never forget the proctors who taught me so much. Their life lessons will always remain in my heart and my frien 2008 Student
Matthew Shaun Sly Rehoboth MA Matt Sly, Alumni of PCC, and proud of it. I don't think any of us saw the end of these awe inspiring 6 weeks coming upon us so fast. We have experienced this wondrous journey of, destroying our social shells, of meeting new friends, of learni 2008 landscape/architect
Anne Smith Mattapoisett MA To some people, PCC is just a summer program. But to us, the alumni, it means so much more! I've never had so much fun in my entire life and I really value the lessons learned (don't be afraid to show your true colors!) Unfortunately, 2008 Student
Kamren Smith Middleboro MA The 2 years that I have spent at PCC were and will be the best summers of my life....No words can describe what the experience is like. So many long lasting friends....so many connections...not being judged...not being criticized...it is just amaz 2008, 2009
Matt Stallings Middleboro MA I enjoyed it and made a lot of new friends 2008 Student

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