PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
PJ Butler Rockland MA PCC definitely changed my life. By using my One Voice to Grow, I broke out of my shell and am now a more outgoing person. 2011, 2012
Cam Cavagnaro East Bridgewater MA I cannot begin to explain how much I loved this experience. I've made so many friends, and have made so many amazing memories. I'm going to miss each and every one of you. 2011, 2012
Emma Cashman Bridgewater MA PCC changed my life. I didn't want to go, but now I want to stay there forever. Every single person there has made an impact on me and made me a better person. I couldn't have asked for stronger friendships, nicer proctors, or a better s 2011, 2012 Student
Andrew Cohoon Bridgewater MA As I sit here writing this, I find it hard to believe that a program can shape an individual in such a way as this program did for me over these past 2 summers. The first was amazing, but the second summer solidified me to who I am today. For thos 2011, 2012
Taylor Coletti Whitman MA It was the most amazing experience of my life. 2011, 2012 Student
Jacob Denis Middleboro MA 2011, 2012
Victoria Creighton Bridgewater MA Love it, and looking forward to working as proctor in future.. 2011, 2012 Babysitter
Phillip Duarte Taunton MA 2011
Kara Foley PCC 2011 was the greatest experience ever. I loved it so much, and I am excited to go back! :) 2011
Makenzie Gomes Raynham MA I loved having the opportunity to attend PCC for one summer. I wish I was able to go both years. I am so glad that I went and will remember this experience forever. 2011
Laura Harvey Abington MA PCC was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I made friends that will last forever and really got to be myself for a summer. I love it more than anything in the world! <3 2011
Andrea H MA Today I left PCC with eyes full of tears and a very heavy heart. PCC has been the best two summers of my life and I'm so thankful for the experience. I have learned to use my VO1CE and "Grow" n more than many would think possible in 1 2011, 2012
Shane Healy West Bridgewater MA 2011
Kendal Hooper Raynham MA PCC was the most amazing experience of my life. It has made me such a better person and I think of it everyday. MLIPCC 2011 Student
Lisa Howes Rockland MA I absolutely enjoyed PCC till the very end. I will never have a better summer than this summer. The only regret I made was not going last year. Thanks so much to every proctor, master teacher and students and of course Ms. A. Craig and Mr. Burt, Dr 2011
Tyler Kindy Hanson MA 2011
Emily Johnson Abington MA 2011, 2012 Student
Caitlin Kingston PCC is the best place in the world. I had the summer of my life 2011
Jonathan LaChance Raynham MA I just came back today and indeed, this was the best summer of my life. I applaud all of the hard work that Ms Craig, Mr. Burt and many others have put in to make this a real summer to remember. 2011
Mercedes Lamb Taunton MA I adored everything that happened while I was attending. I will definitely be coming back as a proctor as soon as I can. 2011 Student
Matthew Lemieux Avon MA Thank you PCC for making 2011 one of the best summers of my life. 2011
Patrick Maclary Raynham MA PCC was the best possible way to spend my summer, I'm glad I took the chance; I'm defiantly going back next year! Until next time, PCC and PCCers alike, don't change a bit! 2011 Student
Erica Maderia Taunton MA LIFE CHANGING 2011, 2012
Marissa Matson Whitman MA 2011-2012
Makenzie Marra Taunton MA As most people who attended PCC state, it was BY FAR the best summer, and best experience, of my life. I would say, "The best experience of my like so far" but it will most likely be the best experience that I have ever had, and it will re 2011 Student and Assistant Musical Director
Ashley Mazzola Middleboro MA I had a blast..miss all of my friends. See you Summer/July 2012 2011, 2012 Student
Baylee Mello Taunton MA Comments: PCC was amazing. I ca not wait to go back next summer. Even on crutches I had the best time of my life. All my friends were absolutely amazing. I miss everyone so much. PCC has changed me so much. Miss Chaves Hall!! 2011 Student
Baylee Mello Taunton MA PCC changed my life forever. I made so many friends that I will be close to forever. I will miss you PCC. 2011, 2012
Emily Murphy Abington MA 2011
Cameron Peterson Bridgewater MA PCC... Was the best time of my life. I will miss everyone. Please let's all stay in touch. Best wishes. 2011, 2012
Pope Randall Middleboro MA Unforgettable. Cant think of anything better 2011, 2012
Erin Rielly Best summer I have ever had. PCC changed my life. I will have friends that will last a lift time. 2011
Scott Owen Rockland MA This was the greatest place on the planet. Always will be. The people I met here were the best. Each and everyone had an impact on me. My Proctors gave me the tools to become who i am today. PCC will always forever be in my heart. 2011 Student
Nick Sideropoulos Abington MA breathtaking, unforgettable, outstanding, and life-changing 2011, 2012
Alexis Stiner Middleboro MA PCC was one of the best summers. Going into it as a first-year-second-year I was intimidated by the fact that everyone else seemed to know what was going on, but I quickly realized that everyone was there to help each other and it didn't matter 2011
Ryan Adams East Bridgewater MA Best summer ever! 2010
Caroline Adams Lakeville MA PCC is one of the best things I've ever done and an amazing community. I'm so lucky to have been a part of it. 2010, 2011
Lexi Ambrose Berkley MA PCC 2010/2011 were the best summer's EVER! I have met so many kids that I will be friends with forever. Can't wait to be a proctor :) 2010, 2011 N/A
Cara Armstrong Hanson MA absolutely positively perfect in all shapes and forms 2010, 2011
Nick Barry Thanks to everyone who joined me on the two summer journey of a lifetime. Go 2 O'Hara!!! 2010, 2011
Emily Audet Rochester MA Absolutely amazing experience!! It was hands down the best summer of my life! 2010
Rachel Bolton Wareham MA stop for a minute < 3 2010 Student
Michael Braddock Middleboro MA Best Summer Ever 2010
Emily Buckley East Bridgewater MA PCC was The best experience I could ever ask for. MLIPCC 2010, 2011
Chance Campell Hanson MA PCC was awesome! I met tons of really nice people, both students AND proctors. I wish I'd gone the year before too, I really regret being a 1st Year- 2nd Year. Still, tons of great memories. Thank you. 2010
Jackie Carlson Rockland MA PCC showed me that we all have something to learn from one another. There's definitely a magic at PCC. People are accepting. Everyone chooses to act this way. The people there make you feel the magic; they are the magic. I will never forget th 2010, 2011
Lauren Cleary Abington MA My two summers spent at PCC have been the best two summers of my life. I have learned and accomplished so much at PCC. I've met so many wonderful people I know I'll be close with for my whole life. Overall, PCC is amazing and words can 2010, 2011
Chris Catania MA LOVED IT MORE THAN ANYTHING. 2010, 2011
Bridget Cooke Abington MA PCC was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I made some of the best friends I could ever ask for. I wish I could go back more than anything. Most incredible experience of my life. 2010, 2011
Brynne Connolly MA PCC really brought me out of my shell. It showed me that world is a lot bigger than just my town. I hope more people get to experience that in their lives. MLIPCC 2010, 2011
Connor Cullinane West Bridgewater MA 2010, 2011 Student
Tim Cullinane West Bridgewater MA 2010, 2011 Student
Samantha Davis Rockland MA Life Changing. I had the best two years of my life at PCC and I would give anything in the world to go back! :) 2010, 2011
Shannon Davis Mattapoisett MA 2010, 2011
Jaylen Gilmore Taunton MA PCC was the best summer of my life and I met some amazing people! Nothing will ever describe why PCC is so amazing. I love you all that made PCC amazing for me. <3 2010
Nick Frazier Thank you everyone! PCC changed me for good. I will miss you all<3 2010, 2011
Alexander Hagerty Abington MA I was the "Fairy Godfather" of PCC 2010, and won the Spirit Award that year. 2010 Student
Nicole Hover East Bridgewater MA Thank you for the Best summer of my life. Can not wait to go back next year. 2010
Katie Heroux 2010, 2011
Meagan Hunter Bridgewater MA 2010, 2011
Christopher Hughes Lakeville MA 2010 Student
Sydney Jordan Bridgewater MA 2010
Jenna Lehan Rockland MA PCC was the best thing I have ever been a part of. It literally changed my life forever. 2010, 2011
Madison LeBlanc Harwich MA Best summer I've ever had, and I'm so happy I got to make new friends from all over MA. <3 2010, 2011
Brian Meehan Hanover MA It changed my life forever. I made friendships that I know will last forever. I can now "stop for a minute" and use my "one voice" to make a real difference in the world 2010, 2011
Brian Leonard Rockland MA PCC is truly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I would say that I am obsessed with PCC, I wish that I could be there every second of my life! It changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am extremely grateful that I had the 2010, 2011
Robert Monahan Avon MA Loved the experience, by far best summers of my life so far. 2010, 2011 Student
Emily Pottier Taunton MA 2010
Alexa Nickandros East Bridgewater MA Will never forget the best summer of my life <3 2010
Cameron Reynolds Abington MA Incredible Experience. 2010
Victoria Pratt Rockland MA Total life changing experience made so many new friends, went out of my comfort zone and ended up having the best two summers of my life! :D 2010, 2011
Jenna Roberts Taunton MA PCC was two of the best summers of my life. I really wish I could go back as a student next year. 2010, 2011
Troy Rood Boston MA PCC was the most amazing thing ever. I miss it so much each and everyday. 2010, 2011
Montana Safford PCC was the greatest summer of my life and I cant wait to go back I miss everyone so much <3 2010
Emma Ross Raynham MA PCC gave me the two best summers of my life! I will never forget the people I met, the places I went, and the memories of PCC as a whole. I love PCC... MLIPCC <3 2010, 2011
Abigale Sanft Taunton MA PCC is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn't trade my PCC experience for anything, it was life-changing. 2010, 2011
John Silva Berkley MA I gained 500 best friends in six weeks. 2010
Sarah Savoy PCC was the best summer of my life. I cannot wait for PCC 2011. peace, love, PCC. <3 2010
Nichol Smith East Bridgewater MA PCC was the best two summers of my life. I can't even explain it... It is so sad to think that I can never go back as a student... I really hope I will become a proctor so I can enjoy more of the PCC magic. 2010, 2011
Kelsey Simmons East Bridgewater MA PCC without a doubt was the BEST two summers I've ever experienced. People ask me what PCC is like, and I can't explain it in words. You need to experience the PCC magic in order to know it. I can't wait to go back as a proctor! 2010
Christina Strachoff Raynham MA PCC was by far the best summer of my life. I was able to make so many new friends and come closer to the friends that I had. Thank you to everyone, students and proctors! <3 2010
Brittany Barman Rockland MA PCC is amazing. I loved everything about it. Thank you everyone for making it the best summer of my life :) 2009
Nick Battista PA PCC was the best experience of my life, and I'd do anything to go back. It helped me in so many ways. MLIPCC 2009, 2010
Colleen Burns Pembroke MA Wow! I never thought that any program could ever benefit me as much as PCC did. I met so many new friends that will last a lifetime. PCC opened so many new doors for me and I cant wait to use what I have learned when I go back into the "re 2009 Student
Michaela Bell Abington MA PCC was the best summer of my life. I met so many new friends and I will never forget it. 2009 Student
Zachary Cardinal Bridgewater MA The best thing I've ever done and will ever do in my lifetime. 2009
Myles Casey Whitman MA PCC was a truly life changing experience. I would truly give up anything to be able to go again. It is hard to truly explain what it is to other people, but those who went know how wonderful it is. I hope to see all my friends again and look for 2009
Karissa Collins Carver MA PCC was one of the greatest experience I remember about my high school career. Every proctor impacted our lives and I would love the opportunity to do the same. 2009
Savanna Castello Taunton MA PCC was a great experience that I will never forget. I made so many new friends. PCC '09 was the best summer of my life! :) 2009 Student
Bridgette Dargelis Middleboro MA PCC is just indescribable. There aren't any words great enough. They really were the two best summers of my life <3 2009, 2010
Ryan Connors MA So glad my parents offered me this awesome opportunity to meet such great people. Summer of a lifetime. 2009 Newbury College 2016
Jessica Donovan East Taunton MA PCC- you gave me the best summers of my lifetime. You helped me grow as a person and I could never thank you enough for that. As I move on, you have always left your imprints on me. ♥♥ 2009, 2010 Student
Ashlee Frazier PCC 2009 changed my life. History Starts Now is so true, because we are leaving & moving on. We made history, with the SAG bracelets, warm fuzzy huge sales, & m&m tickets, and we raised money to build a school for people in need. We 2009 Student
Emily Gardner Berkley MA PCC was the best experience of my life. Everyone was so welcoming and great. I've made friends that I intend to keep my whole life! It was a great learning experience, and I loved every minute of it. Thanks to everyone who made it possible! 2009 Student
Amy Grimmett MA 2009, 2010
Dan Gould Whitman MA 2009, 2010
Andrew Goldberg Middleboro MA PCC ASP 2009 was definitely the best summer of my life and I wish I had gone the year before. If you are ever thinking about going to PCC you should definitely go 2009
Ashley Hemeon Rockland MA 2009, 2010
Amber Hopwood Middleboro MA I love PCC so much, it was the best two summers of my life, and I'm part of the alumni group on facebook. 2009, 2010
Kara Mackie Norton MA There's so much that I have learned from PCC, and I have become an entirely different person as a result. I can't thank my great friends, teachers, and most of all, my PROCTORS, enough. If you remember me from PCC or are thinking about go 2009, 2010

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