PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
Eric Parker MA 1981, 1982
Paula Purcell Pembroke MA Two amazing summers with wonderful memories! I hope my kids have the opportunity to go too. 1981, 1982 Mom, RN
Scott Shevalier Pembroke MA Never had another summer like the one at PCC at Bridgewater State College. 1981
Michele Sault-Grimm VT PCC was such a phenomenal experience and I am glad to know it is still going strong! 1981, 1982 Business Analyst
Ken Sweezey Hanson MA Best thing I ever did involving schooling. 1981 Self-Employed
Lori Tunewicz-Gavin Bridgewater MA 1981 Speech-Language Pathologist
Terri Vontzalides North Reading MA 1981 Stay at Home/Social Worker
Ken Bradbury NC One of the best experiences of my teen years. Learned a lot and made some great friends. Gave me an insight into life on a college campus. 1980 Director, Business Continuity, Fidelity Investments
Thomas Chew Roseville CA 1980, 1981 Proctor '84, '85 Controller, Business Connections
Michael Cook Wayland MA 1980 Software Engineering
Nancy Cornetta-Geraghty Bridgewater MA 1980, 1981 Insurance Adjuster
Mary Figlock-Powers Boca Raton FL PCC was wonderful. I wish all teenagers could experience the awesome summers we had. Never forget living away from home for the first time 1980, 1981 Speech Language Pathologist
David Fopiano Flower Mound TX This was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved the independence and living away from home. 1980 Sales Promotion Visionary
Jacqueline Giordano-Bedard Norwood MA It was a great experience I remember fondly. 1980, 1981 Higher Education Administrator
Edward Lee Middleboro MA Still have very fond memories of my 2 summers spent at PCC. Kept in touch with some classmates through high school, but as times change, it gets much harder. Would love to hear from anybody there at the same time I was. I now live in Middlboro, 1980 Firefighter
Sandra Meunier-Sebring Bristol RI 1980 Philanthropy
Michelle O'Donnell Whitman MA 1980, 1981 Recreation director
Laurie Pratt-Doherty Halifax MA What a great experience! I always recommend it to anyone who gets accepted. Met so many great people, unfortunately have not kept in touch with anyone. Originally from Rockland. 1980, 1981
Mark Richardson MD Lots of good friends made there, and have a million great memories (from the sleep out, to the dances, even Charles and Di's wedding and lots of time with friends) 1980, 1981
Susan Toczko Saillant Wake Forest NC 1980, 1981
Michelle Tardo-Reed Cape Cod MA 1980, 1981 RN
Bonnie Troupe South Easton MA 1980, 1981 Director of Academic Development, Stonehill College
Janet Wright MA 1980 Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Jane Gagnon-Ken Hanson MA Enjoyed it so much, I have sent my own three children. 1979, 1980 Teacher
Jim Raleigh Chicago IL 1979, 1980 proctor '83 Manager, Customer Insights - PepsiCo
Joe Smith North Attleboro, MA Will remember the rest of my life!!! Best memories! Would like to hold a 30 year reunion-Any thoughts? 1979, 1980 Communications Technician
Tanya Stone-Riley NH What a great time! I also worked in the PCC office the summers of 1985-1987. Worked with Dr. LaLiberte. 1979, 1980 Sr. Benefits Specialist
Ed Swartz North Dighton MA 1979, 1980 Sales Manager
William L. Wheatley Attleboro Falls MA I remember this summer as if it were yesterday and it was a great experience. I am glad/surprised to see that it is still ongoing. 1979 Attorney-Azar & Wheatley, 170 Pleasant St., Fall River, MA
Tena Woodward-Caduto E. Providence RI What a terrific opportunity! I remember feeling like a big shot going to college. lol. Loved Music and Movement. 1979 Kindergarten Aide
Gregg Cobbett Whitman MA 1972, 1973; Proctor 1978-1986 Retail Manager
Marsha Dyer North Easton MA 1978, 1979 Registered Nurse
Richard Easterbrooks Taunton MA It was a great two summers and I learned a lot. 1978, 1979 Sr. Software Engineer
Heidi Gustafson Anchorage AK 1978, 1979
Kimberly Jones-Paull Berkley MA I attended during my freshman summer and though homesick at first, came to love the experience. It helped me find my way to be an independent and self-reliant adult. And the irony is one of my proctors became a co-worker 10 years later and a good 1978, 1979 Teacher
Michael Meehan Alexandria VA The best summers. 1978, 1979 Communications and Political Consulting
Mark Ricketson Jacksonville FL Best 2 summers of my teenage years. Tons of memories and lots of great and new experiences. 1978, 1979 Project Manager
Pam Sanford-Sawyer Bridgewater MA I loved my time as a student, the years I worked at PCC (1983 -1987) and watching our three sons enjoy their time at PCC. 1978, 1979; Staff 1983-1987 Middle School Teacher
Peter Stokinger Mansfield MA The best summers of my life, even now thirty years later. 1978, 1979 Vice President - Director of Internal Audit
Scott Turney Marblehead MA My time at PCC were absolutely the best 2 summers of my childhood. I still recall with vivid memory my experiences there and I met my best friend and the godfather of my eldest son while at PCC, Peter Stokinger. 1978, 1979 Driver: Fed Ex
Michelle Webber-Towne Franklin MA I loved the two summers I spent at PCC! I have many fond memories! Great times! 1978, 1979 Key Houly Manager
Natalie A White Middleboro MA Great summer. Fond memories! 1978 writer/editor
Ann Boyle-McLaughlin Plymouth MA The two summers spent at PCC was the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only did I receive an excellent educational experience but learned some life lessons as well. I have carried these times with me throughout my life and think back upon them with gre 1976, 1977 Bookkeeper
Peggy Browne-Jordan Kingston MA I married Hubbard Jordan from E.Bridgewater who attended PCC 76 and 77. Hi to Mary Walsh from Whitman, Joyce Rosenthal from and Jackie Didajian from Randolph 1977 Spanish teacher at Cohasset High School
Walter Byrne Rockland MA Two of the most memorable summers of my life! Friends made and friends kept from those 12 weeks over 30 years ago! 1977, 1978 Sr. Project Manager, Facilities Dept. BIDMC
Lorraine Cassotis-Carboni Lakeville MA Nothing but fond memories of my PCC experience. The program certainly helped with my self esteem and gave me much needed personal confidence. 1977, 1978 Owner - Somethin's Brewin' Book Cafe'
Claire Folger Arlington MA 1977, 1978 Proctor '84, '85
Margaret Kjelgaard-Rockcastle West Newbury MA Loved it. I still have very fond memories of those two summers. They solidified my commitment to higher education. 1977, 1978 Professor
Lynn Kostecki-Brown 1977
James Lowder New Berlin WI 1977, 1978 author, editor
Robert McGee Bridgewater MA It solidified my career choice as a journalist. Since my two summers at PCC, two of my children have attended. My youngest intends to attend in Summer 2013. 1977, 1978 Editor
Stephen R. Peluso Studio City CA PCC didn't just change my life. It was instrumental in forming it! 1977, 1978 Proctor 1981, 1982 Security Supervisor at Staples Center; certified first-aid/CPR instructor; television and film actor
Timothy Richard Assonet MA PCC provided the best two summers of my life! The fellowship and friends I made will last with me a lifetime. It provides empowerment to the individual in that it makes you feel good about yourself and your abilities. I always think fondly of m 1977, 1978 retail store manager
Cathy Schwartz Franklin MA I've been away from MA for a while - never realized PCC was still alive and running! I participated in the 10th Anniversary fund raiser for the project (was a Music and Movement student) - what a blast! Would love to get my high-schooler in 1977, 1978 Teacher
Rita Stokinger MA Some of my best friends are those that I made during the summer of 77, amazing to think we've been friends now for 37 years!! 1977
Jonathan Viens Clearwater FL 1977 Sales Manager
Cheryl Nuttall-Boli East Falmouth MA One of the best experiences I had growing up. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone! 1976 School Nurse
James Semple Attleboro MA Hi, I'm J. R. Semple. I was a student the summers of 1976 and 1977. I was also on the Residential Staff during the summers of 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984. 1976, 1977 Software Engineer
Richard Amaral Attleboro MA PCC 1975 was a wonderful experience for me. The learning experience was incredible and I met some great people. Unfortunately, my best friend from PCC 1975, Jim Botellio, passed away in 2009. I appreciate all the effort that went into making it a 1975 Network Engineer (retired from Verizon Communications)
Cindy Fanning-O'Kelly East Bridgewater MA One of the best experiences of my life. Life long friendships 1975, 1976 Accountant
Elizabeth Figlock-Gonsalves Taunton MA PCC has been the most significant personal and professional experience I have ever had--friendships, careers and creative opportunities I would never have known without it. 1975,1976 proctor 1981,1982, 1983 English Teacher, Abington HS, MA
Sally Johnson Davol Chatham MA I have wonderful memories such as the Music and Movement productions and our "Greaser." My roommate ended up being my best friend through college. I only wish my children could have experienced PCC. 1975, 1976 Teacher
Michelle Leonard-Cappiello Middleboro MA I have fond memories of PCC where I had two incredible summers. It was such a privilege to be able to attend the program, and I was fortunate enough to have been able to send both of my children who also had amazing experiences. A landlord t 1975, 1976 Research Manager
Susan McKenna-Boiros 1975, 1976
Jennifer Thomas-Brisco 1975, 1976
Nancy Castonguay-Simmons Berkley MA The best summer of my life~ I cherish my memories from that summer and made life long friends! 1974 Comptroller
Linda Guillemette-Raymond Bridgewater MA Great times, good friends...two summers I'll never forget. 1974, 1975 Cake Decorator
Michael Lortie ME So many happy memories! So many great people! 1974, 1975; Proctor, Residential Staff: 1976, 77, 78, 79, 81, 82 School Counselor
Libby Grant Baldwin Southampton MA 1973, 1974 Civil Engineer
Bill Grant Candia NH Music and Movement, Micro, Photography..all great memories.. Attending plays in Boston (Godspell) Glad to see the program is still here. The show MUST go on! 1973, 1974 Analytical Chemist
Kelly Levy-Scott Cape Coral FL 1973 Behavior Therapist
Daniel Murphy Norwell MA Truly a life altering experience. Broadened my horizons and helped to make me more curious about the world in general. 1973, 1974 Retired
Lizbeth Thomas Estes Carver MA Best summers of my younger years! 1973, 1974 Medical Office Manager
Cameron West East Bridgewater MA 1973, 1974
Ronald Creswell Vacaville CA It was an outstanding experience and was an event in my life which I will never forget. It indelibly shaped my attitude towards my career and my studies. 1972, 1973 Engineering Manager/Systems Engineer
Mary Beth Giniewicz-Emond Tucson AZ 1972 Mail Contractor
Carol R. Hayden-Brouthers Taunton MA Never did I think that 36 years after I attended PCC that my daughter, Kelsie, would be attending also. 1972 Legal/Administrative Assistant
Stephen Pratt Carver MA Great experience. I still smile today about my time at PCC. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of new people and thoroughly enjoyed the summer of '72 at BSC. I grew up in Rockland, graduating in 1975. My sister, Laurie also attend 1972 Business Continuity Manager
Steven P. Barrows Wareham MA The only enjoyable part of High School. Returned as a proctor in '77. Had a friend who taught many summers there. 1971, 1972, 1977 Human Services
David Johnson Deerfield MA Best summers of my youth. 1971, 1972 Professor
Fred Holzhaue CA Made some of my best friends, there. Credits recognized by my high school toward graduation. 1971, 1972 Chemist, Method Products
Susan Cassani-Snyderman Loved my time @ PCC. Would like to see about some type of reunion. Something simple to get together and see where life led everyone. 1970
Bob Wilbur Taunton MA Fantastic - great time, wish I could do it all over again (don't we all!) Still have many great memories & wonder what became of everyone. 1970, 1971 Chief Financial Officer
Catherine Costello-McCarrick Rehoboth MA PCC was an enriching and liberating experience for me. It continues to enrich my life as I now have the great pleasure of seeing my niece attend so many years later! 1969, 1970 Technical Editor
David DeSilva Herndon VA Dr. Elizabeth ...Cirino. :-) She'd always have the class finish her sentences!! I'll never forget her Science class and her constant message to think Scientifically... ask questions and dig deeper. Mr. Joe Flynn ...English literatu 1969 Business Owner - Software Development and Offshoring
Madeline Gardner-Meryash Manhasset NY I think more than anything, I met ambitious, fun and highly talented students who truly inspired me to seek greater things. It was a turning point......and a fun one! 1969 Fine Artist/Painter
Nicholas Helides I had heard the program was still being offered. Nice to see a spot where we can all get in touch. I welcome hearing from anyone that was there. 1969, 1970 Banker
Sharon Koss-McClellan Taunton MA It was one of my most memorable teenage social and educational experiences. I realized I had a love of science and reason that summer. I ended the summer session with the memory of dancing the entire slow song, Hey Jude, by The Beatles, with a r 1969 Casualty Claims Administrator
Mark Levy Brookline MA Had an awesome time and met many great people. can't believe it was over 40 years ago. 1969 Private Investor
Brian O'Donnell Freeport ME PCC was a social and academic watershed event for this working class kid who, for the first time, realized there was a world bigger than my hometown. Still, the best six week period in my life. 1969 Surgeon
Brian Wolfe-Leonard Bridgewater MA Before PCC I never gave a thought to acting as a career; thirty-two years after taking "Play Production" with Robert J. McEwan, I'm still onstage! This year my nephew will be attending, and I'm not sure who's more excited. 1969, 1970 Actor/director/playwright
Jordan Fiore Taunton MA One of the pioneers, the first two years. Had the unusual experience of having my father as a professor and helping him develop Hero in American Life and Government in Action courses. Great time with English Prof. Robert B. Parker, who later beca 1968, 1969 Attorney, Assistant City Solicitor, City of Taunton
Michael Helides-Holiday Wellesley Hills MA 1968, 1969 Attorney
Carol Kingston-Jankowski Pembroke MA Unbelievable experience that I only now fully appreciate. Creative writing, evolution, and some type of sociology..turned me on to life long learning. Would love a reunion with folks who attended the same year. 1968 Library Director
Wayne MacPherson Who knew that over 40 years after our "first times" that PCC would still be around? Two amazing summers. I enjoyed being around people who really enjoyed going to school. That was a first. And Thursday night dances! 1968, 1969 Church Pastor
Linda Mellor Taunton MA 1968, 1969
Tom Nery Mansfield MA Great experience 1968, 1969 Engineering Director
Donna Crowley Auburn CA I was in the pilot group. It was very interesting and I still have fond memories. I envy the students and the varied offerings at PCC. 1968 Information Technology Systems Operator
Keith Ricketson Plymouth MA I was on the BSC campus for a meeting this week (in a building that didn't exist when I was at PCC), down the hill from the Burnell dormitory. It dawned on me then that it had been 40 years since that first summer. I still have great memorie 1968, 1969 Director - Social Service Agency

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