PCC - "A Summer of a lifetime!"
Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

First NameLast NameCityStatecommentsSummer(s)Occupation
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Emma Thompson Middleobro MA PCC has been the best time of my life! I made amazing friends and bonds, I wish I could've never left! 2018 Student
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Amie Nay Middleboro MA PCC changed my life. I found my tribe, my family and myself. Beyond excited for my oldest son to start! 86 & 87 student; 90 proctor Severe Special Needs 1:1
Brittany Sanna Attleboro MA I attended PCC in 2005 when it used to be at Bridgewater State. I met some great people and really got a taste of what it would be like to live on college campus. Ultimately, many years later, I chose online courses because the dorm life wasn't for me, bu 2005 Scheduling Coordinator
Alessandro Pinto Brockton MA Never had something in my life like PCC 2017 Student
Jeannine (Pittsley) Wright Lake Hamilton FL Loved Loved Loved those two summers! I grew up a ton and most of all I learned to accept and respect other people and to always be your best self! 1988 and 1989 Dance Teacher
Hannah Matheny Bridgewater Massachusetts My mom signed me up for PCC in the winter of 2016, nad then the night before move in day, I cried because I didn't want to go. 6 fun-filled weeks later, I cried because I didn't want to leave. I met 10 of the best friends I could eever have (you know who 2017 Student/artist/muscian
Jim McGovern Little River sc Great summers back when we only had one minor and one major class with core course after dinner. Lots of free tome to free explore and grow as a person. 1971 1972 retired
anon anon I went into pcc thinking it was for over excited people and i thought i was going to hate it but it was literally the best experience of my life and i made so many close friends, and memories i will never forget. Trust me you. will. cry. I still cant be 2017 student
Aidan Bettencourt Hingham MA Most memorable 2 summers of my life. Close friends, big laughes, I couldnt ask for more out of a summer. Loved every moment of it. 2016, 2017 Student
allie N/A MA OK, listen up y'all worst summer ever it stunk sooooo boring the proctors are annoying asf!!!! My first summer was OK but my second summer was the worst! Everyone acts like they like it but my friends RANTED to me about it later how boring and a wast 2015, 2016 Student
Samantha Berg West Bridgewater MA Fun and educational way to spend the summer! 2003 Clinical Research
Kelsey Harnden Middleboro MA I absolutely loved my experience at PCC. I made so many memories and new friends that would last a lifetime. I was so sad when my last summer ended. 2009, 2010 college student
Bonnie Pomfret Wayland MA pcc was a great experience for me! 1968 professor/musician
Vincent Giacomozzi Carver Mass Love PCC!! Best 2 summers ever! 2015-2016 Student
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Susan Carino Wethersfield CT I loved it! 1990, 1991 Benefits Manager
Erin Weafer (Morrisey) N Dighton MA Had an amazing summer of memories and made friends for a lifetime! 1993 Office Manager
Jennifer (Fowler) Parks Bridgewater MA Wonderful experience. So excited for my duaghter to attend this summer! 1984, 1985 Registered Nurse
Barbara Kaszanek Wahlstrom Rockland MA I loved the experience. Challenged me to come out of my shell. My daughter just finished second year and looking forward to next summer. 1978, 1979 Membership program manager
Dan Bacon Middleboro MA Changed my life. 1990, 1991 Trainer/Teacher
Virginia (Ginger) Blackburn Avon Ma I loved PCC! 2015, 2016 student
Allison Blackburn Avon Ma The best summers of my life, loved it! 2010, 2011 college student
Grace Abington ma It was one of the best summers ever. i loved and woud love to go back for only my second year. i met a ton of good friends and lots of cute boys ;) 2016 student
Dante Ventresco Westbridgewater Mass Hi Hi Lit
hate pcc legit the worst camp ever not going to lie it lowkey sucked glad its over 2015 loving life bc pcc is over
Anon Anon I went to pcc for two years because it looks good for college, but in all honesty it was just ok I would've rather been hanging out with my school friends 2015 2016 student
David Fuller Brooklyn Heights NY One of the beginnings of my life in the entertainment industry: playing Bill in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and "stoning" my wife by throwing crumpled up paper at her. Good times! PCC also allowed me advance placement in High School by taking 1968, 1969 Producer, Director, Actor, Teacher
Julie Preston (Fredericks N dighton Ma Best two summers of my life. My son is going this year and all my kids will follow . You can't let your child miss out 1988/1989 CSR insurance
Stephen Parziale Carver Ma PCC was a great experience that really prepared my for life in college. I met some great friends and learned valuable skills. 2011, 2012 Student at Emmanuel College
Bob Smith West Bridgewater MA The best summers I ever had. Learned and grew more than I could have imagined. Still friends with PCC'ers to this day. 1990, 1991 Principal Systems Engineer
Mark Boyle East bridgewater MA PCC was a wonderful nurturing experiment that worked. A coming of age summer for me. 1968 Quality Engineer
Beth Telless - Barra Kingston MA 2000 4th Grade Teacher
John Walker Fall river Ma Incredible 2 summers and couldn't wait to be a proctor 1979, 1980 Attorney
Kyle Arnold Bridgewater MA The best two summers of my life, they helped to make me into the person I am today. Some of my best memories and friendships have come from this program. 2011, 2012 Student
Elizabeth (Hale) Butts West Wareham MA Still remember the amazing time at PCC! Wish adults could go! 1991 Payroll and Benefits Manager, HR Manager, Indie Author
Kevin Rodrigue Myrtle Beach SC A life defining experience! 1978 & 1979 Sales
Brian McLoughlin Hanson MA One of the best summers of my life. Classes really had a direct impact on my career. 2011 Sports Journalist, Student
Meaghan Roderick Raynham MA Loved pcc as a student— hoping to return for another summer 2014&2015 Student
Jennifer (Fournier) Ready NORTH DIGHTON MA Loved PCC!! Met great people 1985, 1986 Billing Specialist
Marissa Gemmel Abington MA I loved PCC. It was the best summer of my life I am so excited to go back this year. I can't wait to see my friends again. 2015-2016 Student
Marjorie Zeoli Abingdon VA Great learning experience and friendships! 1987, 1988 Writer/Social Media Specialist
Jacqui (Hickey) Vincent Bridgewater MA The reason why I became middle/high school teacher was because of my summers at PCC!!! 2000,2001 and proctor 2004 Physics Teacher
Melissa Lima middleboro ma I'm almost 24 and still talk about PCC every day. loveddddddddd ittttttt!!!!!!!! 2006,2007 stripper
Mike Spathanas whitman ma Pcc was great 2014-2015 SSVT
Karl Dodenhoff N. Dighton MA My 2 summers @ PCC were and still are among the best of my life! I iwsh I didn't lose all the papers I collected while I was there. Many years later my daughter Suzy attended PCC, too. 1972, 1973 Resident Assessment Coordinator, Veterans Health Administration
Jessica Dunphy rockland MA A life changing and unforgettable summer! 2015 student
Alyson Gelinas Hanson MA This was a life-changing summer that taught me so many things about life. I will be forever grateful for the experience that I had at PCC, and I can only hope to one summer return as a proctor and give back to a program that has given so much to me. 2004 Elementary School Teacher
Gina Gagliardi Somerset MA The best summer of my life! 2015 Student
Terri (Scanlon) Roussell Rochester MA My son just finished his 2nd summer today and I am filled with nostalgia. Life changing! My life long best friends I met at PCC. The best "take-away" is learning how to treat people and be treated. Full of encouragement, creativity and posit "75, '76 and proctor '81 '82 '83 Mom, Social Worker
Daron Carlson Everett MA Even though I only went 1 summer, PCC is where I started to embrace my independence...don't know where I'd be without those 6 weeks 12 years ago! 2003 Operations Analyst
JoAnn Sullivan Gillis Hanson Massachusetts Best summers. Fantastic friends and life long experiences. 1982,1983 Admin Asst.
Chris Mahanna Norwalk CT Probably the two most fun summers I had as a child. Glad to see the program is still going strong. 1987, 1988 Systems Engineer
Alex O'Roak Whitman MA None 2013-2014 None
Patrick Crogan Middleboro Massachusetts I called my mom on stage and told her I loved her in front of the whole program during Ed Gerety's presentation. Great summers all around, great program! 2009, 2010 Student
Alyssa Amaral Taunton Massachusetts Best summer of my life! I'm still best friends with my PCC sister from 13 yrs ago! 2002 Software Developer
Benjamin Sanford Bridgewater MA Best summers of my life. 2011, 2012 Student
Emily Gavin Lakeville MA Awesome 2012, 2013 Student
Tricia Medico-Goss Irmo SC The best summer of my teenage years. Still keep in touch with friends from PCC. 1982 Insurance/Foreign Exchange Program Representative
Brian Meehan Hanover MA Proctors: Mr. Ruel and Mr. Walsh. Best two summers of my life. Couldn 2010, 2011 Student
Heidi Wilson West Boylston MA Wonderfully unique opportunity for personal, social, and academic growth 1988,1989 Nurse Practitioner
Ryan Ek East Bridgewater MA Best summer of my life. I made so many friends and it helped me break out of my shell. I'll miss every one of them. 2014 Student
Morgan Brown Carver MA Definitely the best summer of my life. 2013 Student
Jessica Olivier East Freetwon Massachusetts PCC was truly the experience of a lifetime. It is by far the most accepting, firendly, and loving environment ever. I recommend that all students apply. I had the best summer of my life, and I made so many lifelong friendships. Be prepared for a fun-fille 2014 Student
Connor Graca E. Freetown MA cjgraca(at)yahoo.com 2010, 2011
Mitch Ryan Rockland MA My only regret is that I didn't attend last summe. 2014 Student
Brittany Crowe Abington MA PCC was a life changing experience. I found my "spark" and finally wasn't holding the real me back knowing I would not be judged. I cannot wait for my next year to come out of my shell even more! 2014
Victoria Ashley East Freetown MA I attended PCC "The Moment" for the first time in 2013 and had an experience of a lifetime! I met so many new people and had so many opportunities to have the best summer of my life! Although I am not able to go back to PCC this year, PCC 2013 Student
Quinn Richman 2014
Chuck Dufault Chatham MA PCC was the best experience of my life, and it truly changed who I am. 2013, 2014
Cam Hebert Berkley MA I went to PCC during the summer of 2013 and can't wait to get back there this summer! 2013, 2014 Student
Becky Lamoureux Middleboro MA PCC was the best summer ever and I've met so many great people. Cant wait until 2014! 2013
Andrew Kingsland Taunton MA I loved it! Changed my life forever! 2013
Marvens Pierre Avon MA I was a bit hesitant to go to PCC at first but now I am so glad that I made the decision to go this summer was honestly the best and made some of my greatest friends there. I had a wonderful time while I was there.... I hope to proctor in the futur 2013
Kayla Nilson East Bridgewater MA PCC is has made these two summers the best of my life. The PCC family is constantly expanding, growing, and learning together. The relationships I've made in the past two summers are incredible. The bonds amongst PCC students and alumni is abs 2013, 2014
Jackson Roberts West Bridgewater MA PCC is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My first year of PCC was amazing and I met many great friends. When I came back for my second year. I didn't know what to think. My hall proctor from the year before was gone and not many of 2013, 2014 Student
Emily Whitman MA PCC changed my life so much. I will never look at anything the same again. PCC is the thing in my life and I'm so happy that I made the decision to go. 2012
Peter D 2012
Rebecca Coburn Abington MA When I first heard about PCC I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. I thought it would be a good experience, but I was shy and I didn't know if I would make any friends. When I got there the proctors were great, they were full of energy and enco 2012
Jess DuBois Freetown MA Even though I am yet to be a second year, PCC truly changed my life. I went in being completely against the fact that I basically had no summer because I was going to be spending six out of 10 weeks at school. But, by week 3 my mindset had complete 2012 Student
Dan Dennis North Attleboro MA Heaven 2012, 2013
Sam Evans Hanson MA PCC, enough said. 2012, 2013 Student
Jake Farnham Dedham MA Amazing! 2012 Student
Chris "Coach" Fanara Abington MA In all honesty, PCC was the best experience of my life. I made new friends, experienced new things, and I'll always have these amazing memories with me forever. #MLIPCC 2012
Marissa Gouveia Berkley MA 2012
Colin Gaughan 2012, 2013
Evan Hubley Best 12 weeks of my life ever, I'm going to miss it so much, MLIPCC 2012, 2013
Katie Monahan Abington MA PCC changed my life in the most amazing way. It made me a better person and help create me as I am today. thank you so much and I will miss PCC forever. 2012, 2013 Student
Meghan Pierce PCC was amazing, and I can't wait to go back. I can never find the words to describe it, but I will never forget it, nor how much it changed me. Thank you PCC, students and staff alike, for allowing me to grow this summer. 2012
Charlie Rippel Norton MA 2012 Students
Joseph Pupek Middleboro MA The two best summers of my life the best thing I ever have done 2012, 2013 Dishwasher
Cameron Roberts Lakeville MA 2012, 2013 Student
Josh Spicer Whitman MA Go you won't regret it! 2012, 2013 PCC Student
Ansley Stewart Hanson MA Won the music and movement award in 2013. PCC holds a special place in my heart and changed my life for the best. 2012, 2013 High school student/ future occupational therapist.
Nathanial Walker Harwich MA 2012

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