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Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College: The Summer of a Lifetime!

Gain Cross-Culture Experience; Attend PCC for Less or Free.


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BostonWise has been a partner of PCC and Stonehill College since 2013. We provide stipend and scholarships to PCC families that could cover partial or full PCC tuition.

Chinese exchange students will visit selected PCC school districts from March 26th to April 8th, and April 24 to May 6th. They would like to stay with local families to learn the American ways of life and to share Chinese culture as well.In additional to the invaluable benefit of cross-culture exchange, host families will receive up to $600 credit per student that can be applied towards our April China trip or PCC tuition in the summer. Students who serve as school buddies are eligible for a $100 scholarship to be used in the aforementioned programs. They are also invited to apply as BostonWise summer program interns with free room and board.

International students will also come during the summer to attend PCC. Some of them may like to stay with American families during weekends. Please let us know if you would like to host.

Contact us for more information Tel:  508-565-1571  (M-F; 9AM-5PM) E-mail:

Please visit  BostonWise Exchange Program  to China page for more information about our April 2017 trip to China.

 BostonWise Host-Family 2017 Flyer

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320 Washington Street Easton, MA


Photos taken by: Rachel Sulmonte & Kenny DiCienzo
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